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The Bluths are at it again!

The Bluths are back! Michael (Jason Bateman) is sucked back into the family he continuously tries to leave. Buster (Tony Hale) finds himself headed to war, but suffers a major loss. Gob (Will Arnett) finds his magic dreams are crushed and a quick marriage could end up costing him big. Tobias (David Cross) and Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) face a potential divorce and try to work through their marriage problems. George-Michael (Michael Cera) finds his romance with Ann Veal (Mae Whitman) heats up, but as Maeby (Alia Shawkat) works on her new film career, George-Michael’s old feelings for her might come back. George Bluth, Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) is still on the run and trying to keep his twin brother Oscar way from Lucille (Jessica Walter).


Fonz is jumping the shark! But has Arrested Development?

Arrested Development—Season 2 aired in eighteen episodes from November 7, 2004 to April 17, 2005. The show continued to receive high marks from rabid fans and critics but low ratings. The show received 11 Primetime Emmy nominations: Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy (Bateman), Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy (Jeffrey Tambor), Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy (Jessica Walter), Outstanding Casting for a Comedy, Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy (multiple nominations), Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (“Sad Sack” and “Sword of Destiny”), and won Outstanding Writing for “Righteous Brothers”.


Cousins (maybe) get it on…

I love Arrested Development. The series is a perfect balance of comedy. I watched the show when it was on and can go back and watch it now and still laugh. The series is one of the shows that is so smartly written that it benefits from multiple viewings. The hardest part of watching Arrested Development is knowing that Arrested Development had such a short life.

The show benefits from a fantastic cast. There are very few weak links in the cast and all of the characters have great comic timing. This season does dip into the “celebrity guest-star” a few too many times. By the time Arrested Development—Season 2 hit the small screen, the show was already was floundering. I figure that appearances by Thomas Jane, Ben Stiller, and Zach Braff were just attempts to garner more attention.

Arrested Development is possibly one of my favorite “recent” series. The show has it all: a great cast, great writing, and perfect comic timing. The show manages to dig deep and payoff longtime fans with in-jokes which not only shows smart writing, but real planning on the part of the writers. With such a great series, it is sad to see that in its original run, that this is the second to last outing of the group.

Arrested Development—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


“The One Where Michael Leaves”

2.1       The One Where Michael Leaves Airdate: 11/07/04

Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) and George-Michael (Michael Cera) prepare to leave to Phoenix after George Bluth, Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) escapes prison and with fears that media will learn about the company’s ties to Iraq. Michael worries that his family won’t notice that he’s gone and returns home to tell them he’s leaving. When George’s twin brother Oscar (also played by Jeffrey Tambor) is captured, Lucille (Jessica Walter) tries to hide that she had a relationship with him. Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) and Tobias Funke (Alia Shawkat) decide to try an open relationship and Lindsay meets a new suitor (Ed Helms)…she thinks. Tobias looks for love and decides to join the Blue Man group. Gob (Will Arnet) takes over the company and finds dangerous evidence. When Michael learns that he’s going to be held in his father’s place, Michael realizes he might have to return to his family to dip into the company savings.


“The One Where They Build a House”

2.2       The One Where They Build a House Airdate: 11/14/04

Michael prepares a big house premiere and questions George-Michael decision to bring his forgettable girlfriend Ann Veal (Mae Whitman). Lucille finds her relationship with Oscar rekindling and tries to get Buster (Tony Hale) out of his army duty. George hides in Mexico with Kitty (Judy Greer) and finds himself mistaken for Oscar. Lindsay and Tobias practice their open relationship but finds a homeless man (Thomas Jane) without realizing he’s really Thomas Jane rehearsing for a role. When Gob ups the new model building time, Michael finds that he has to work on making the house himself.



2.3       ¡Amigos! Airdate: 11/21/04

The search for George Bluth, Sr. leads to Mexico when the family private investigator Gene Parmesan (Martin Mull) discovers the stair car there. Michael finds George-Michael is spending more time with Ann Veal and invites him to take her with him on the trip. Gob worries that Michael is trying to trick him and hires a bodyguard named Ice (Malik Yoba) to follow Michael. Buster decides to avoid the army by stowing away to Mexico in the trunk of the car, but accidentally gets out in California. Lindsay tries to impress Ice the bounty hunter.


“Good Grief”

2.4       Good Grief! Airdate: 12/05/04

Ice locates George Michael, Sr., and Michael hopes that it will be her opportunity to become president again. When Ice reveals that George is dead, the family begins to worry about the will and funeral. Lucille decides that Buster can’t learn about his father’s death, and Gob plans to escape the coffin to make it into Poof magazine. Ann tells George-Michael that they should break up, and George Michael discovers that his grandfather is still alive. George-Michael tries to hide his grandfather as the family prepares for the funeral.


“Sad Sack”

2.5       Sad Sack Airdate: 12/12/04

A new prosecutor Wayne Jarvis (John Michael Higgins) is assigned to the Bluth case, and Michael worries about hiding his father in the attic. Oscar finds himself pushed to the limit by Lucille, and Buster tries to make it through military training. Maeby tries to get Steve Holt (Justin Grant Wade) but finds her mother competing with her. Michael learns that he could go free if he turns in his father. Buster goes to Gob for motivation, and Maeby seeks to sabotage her mother by telling Steve Holt that she’s a transvestite. George, Sr. seeks to find if Lucille really loves Oscar or him. New evidence against George, Sr. is discovered that could cause problems for the Bluths.


“Afternoon Delight”

2.6       Afternoon Delight Airdate: 12/19/04

The Bluth Christmas party is coming, and Michael learns that George-Michael is spending it with Ann. Gob tries to adjust to being president and starts wearing his father’s suits for confidence. Buster plans for his first day in the army but gets addicted to playing the crane game. Lindsay goes to the party to find men but discovers everyone has been warned against flirting. Michael and Maeby decide to attend the Christmas party together, but find themselves in a strange position. When Lucille begins to be stressed due to lack of sex, Michael seeks out Oscar on his walkabout. Michael sets to make another Christmas party when Gob fires everyone in the company.


“Switch Hitter”

2.7       Switch Hitter Airdate: 01/16/05

Michael goes to Bluth’s competitor Sitwell (Ed Begley, Jr.) and prepares to let him meet the family. Lindsay goes back on Teamocil, and Lucille works to get Buster out of the army. When Sitwell offers new ideas for the company, Michael is shot down by his father who claims Sitwell is only trying to find out the batting order for their charity game. Gob is offered a job by Sitwell and takes the offer when Michael asks him to test his ideas. Tobias and Maeby go to an audition at a studio, and Maeby accidentally finds himself in a job. Lucille goes to an old flame in the military (J.K. Simmons) for help in keeping Buster out of service.


“Queen for a Day”

2.8       Queen for a Day Airdate: 01/23/05

Michael decides that he needs a new car, but goes overboard when the company stock is unfrozen. Maeby works at the studio, and George Bluth, Sr. secretly edits the scripts in the attic. Gob is fired by Sitwell and tries to get his job back at the Bluth Company. Buster is out on leave and runs into Lucille Austero (Liza Minnelli) when out on the town with Tobias. Tobias buys a club called the Queen Mary and joins a gang made up of the Hot Cops. Michael tries to set Buster up with his new secretary Starla (Mo Collins) but learns he might have to “sell” Buster back to Lucille when Lucille buys a majority of Bluth’s stocks.


“Burning Love”

2.9       Burning Love Airdate: 01/30/05

George Michael and Ann prepare for a Christian music bonfire and realizes he has to buy songs for it. Tobias is ordered to stay away from the Blue Man Group and tries to prove himself to Lindsay who is going on a date with an actor Moses Taylor (Rob Corddry). The annual charity auction is planned and Lucille tries to find someone to bid on her. Michael runs into his old crush Sally Sitwell (Christine Taylor) and decides to go for her in exchange for bidding on Lucille. Gob tries to romance Lucille but is embarrassed to be seen with her. Tobias tries to hunt a wolf to impress Lindsay backfires when he finds Lindsay on her date.


“Ready, Aim, Marry Me”

2.10     Ready, Aim, Marry Me Airdate: 02/13/05

Lucille worries Lucille Austero is trying to get closer to her children by going after Gob, but Lucille Austero finds herself growing tired of Gob. Michael thinks Sally Sitwell isn’t interested in seeing him and gives his romance package to Lindsay and Tobias. When Michael worries that Sitwell and Lucille Austero are plotting against the Bluth Corporation, George Bluth, Sr. tells Michael to bring in Jack Dorso (Martin Short) to help him with the company’s financial problems. When Michael learns that Jack will loan the money for the company if he can be with Lindsay, Michael lets Lindsay believe that she’s dating Jack’s helper. While Michael tries to keep Tobias from seeing Lindsay from encountering Jack and Lindsay, Sitwell and Lucille Austero are tracked by Gob and Buster.


“Out on a Limb”

2.11     Out on a Limb Airdate: 03/06/05

Michael and Sally see each other more often but worries that the relationship is a problem with George-Michael.  Gob learns that his wife (Amy Poehler) is suing for divorce and tries to fight it.  Buster learns that he’s headed to war, and Lucille thinks it is his attempt to get to swim in the ocean.  Michael is reunited with Maggie Lizer (Julia Louise-Dreyfus) and learns that she might be pregnant with his child.  When George Bluth, Sr. tries to prevent Buster from going to war, Buster learns Oscar is his real father.  Lindsay and Tobias raid Maggie’s house to find out if Maggie is really pregnant and find themselves growing closer.


“Hand to God”

2.12     Hand to God Airdate: 03/06/05

Buster’s encounter with a rogue seal leads to the loss of his hand but also the memory that Oscar is his real father.  Lucille questions if her prayers to keep Buster from the war led to him losing his hand.  Michael learns that Maggie’s child isn’t his and accidentally commits to Maggie’s child.  Gob realizes that the seal that attacked Buster is the seal that he freed from his magic show.  Gob’s hunt for Buster’s seal leads him to discover Maeby’s secret movie theater job.  The truth about Maggie’s pregnancy is revealed as her client goes to trial.


“Motherboy XXX”

2.13     Motherboy XXX Airdate: 03/13/05

Motherboy XXX is coming up and Lucille targets George Michael as a potential partner.  George-Michael prepares to go on a religious promise camping trip with Ann’s church group, and Maeby decides to go when she learns she can miss school.  Gob tries to track the seal that got Buster’s hand to help clear his divorce case, and Buster deals with his missing hand.  Tobias turns on the family to get a role in Carl Weathers’ version of the Bluth Story and gets a role as George Bluth, Sr. with George, Sr. coaching him.  When Michael learns Lucille is using George-Michael in Motherboy, he sets out to stop Lucille with Buster in Operation:  Hot Mother.


“The Immaculate Election”

2.14     The Immaculate Election Airdate: 03/20/05

Tobias moves out of the house and moves into the set of Wrench.  Lindsay struggles to clean the house and accidentally takes one of George Bluth, Sr.’s new toy friends which leads to religious inspiration.  Gob works to create the show Office Magic and is thrown out of the office.  Lupe (B.W. Gonzalez) takes pity on Buster and is fired by Lucille when she sleeps with him.  Tobias decides to return home and dresses as a housekeeper named Mrs. Featherbottom to get back into the house.  George Michael is pushed to run for school office but Michael learns that he could be crushed by Steve Holt.  Michael hires Gob to help George Michael win the election.


“The Sword of Destiny”

2.15     Sword of Destiny Airdate: 03/27/05

Michael finds his appendix needs removed and causes problems.  Tobias works in Michael’s place (while secretly working for George Bluth, Sr.) as the Bluth Company is losing business.  Lindsay breaks Michael’s orders and works to teach George Michael how to drive the stair-car.  A leak of a tape of Michael and George Bluth, Sr. leads the FBI to believe they are in Iraq.  Gob tries to make a comeback in magic and prepares a stunt to run the Sword of Destiny through his stomach…discovering he’s opening for Tony Wonder (Ben Stiller).


“Meat the Veals”

2.16     Meat the Veals Airdate: 04/03/05

Oscar prepares to throw an anniversary party for Lucille and George Bluth, Sr. decides he has to get into the party with Gob’s help.  George-Michael reveals he plans to get pre-engaged to Ann Veal, and Michael meets Ann’s parents (Alan Tudyk and Ione Skye).  When Michael learns that the Veals approve of the pre-engagement, he decides to invite the Veals to the anniversary party to sabotage the proposal.  When George-Michael catches Mrs. Veal coming onto Michael, George-Michael decides to go through with the proposal.  George Bluth, Sr. kidnaps Lucille to renew their vows.


“Spring Breakout”

2.17     Spring Breakout Airdate: 04/10/05

Lucille costs the Bluth Company a job, and Michael tries to trick her into rehab.  Kitty finds George Bluth, Sr. hiding in the attic and blackmails him with the evidence.  Maeby learns that she has to get her script right, and goes undercover at the Banana Stand to find accurate dialogue.  Lindsay tries to protest against Phillip Litt (Zach Braff) and his Girls with Low-Self Esteem videos and decides to turn the tables on men.  Gob tries to get over spring break’s failure, and George-Michael finds his feelings for Maeby are coming back.  When Kitty tries to blackmail Michael, Michael is forced to spring Lucille from rehab to get George Bluth, Sr. back.


“Righteous Brothers”

2.18     Righteous Brothers Airdate: 04/17/05

The model home is falling down, and George Bluth, Sr. has to get out of the house.  Maeby tries to get the American version of Les Cousins Dangereux to succeed or learns that her job at the studio is over.  Tobias gets word that he can maybe audition for the Blue Man Group and that he has to go to Las Vegas.  Buster uncovers that Oscar could be his true father.  Michael sets up Tobias with Kitty to keep Kitty out of the way.  Michael is arrested when he claims to have no idea where George Bluth, Sr. is and finds himself at odds with Gob who has hidden George Bluth, Sr.  Ann Veal’s attempt to protest Les Cousins Dangereux brings Maeby and George Michael closer together.

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