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Not my favorite season set-up

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Enter the world of a California PI!!

Having lost their government contract, Archer and company find themselves as private investigators in training under Cyril Figgis at the Figgis Agency.  When aging film star Veronica Deane hires the group to steal sensitive material from a lawyer named Alan Shapiro, the Figgis Group finds themselves caught up in their first real case and an even bigger mystery…and not everyone may survive.

Archer—Season 7 is an animated action-adventure comedy spy series.  Airing on FX from March 31, 2016 to June 2, 2016, the season received Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Animated Program (“The Figgis Agency”) and Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media-Multiplatform Storytelling (“Archer Scavenger Hunt”).

archer season 7 episode 2 the handoff ray gillette biker

Ray Gillette…biker!

Archer is a fun series.  It is the type of series that you can watch episodes multiple times and it rewards regular viewers by having in-jokes and great characters that you can follow and enjoy.  Archer often tries new and different things and this season’s theme of the “California Investigators” isn’t my favorite, but it still is a good entry in the series.

The story for the season is kind of painted as a mystery, but I do wish that the show had committed to the format.  The season begins with apparently Archer floating dead in a pool (a la Sunset Blvd) and the season surrounds the idea of how he got there in a mystery that is kind of in the line of Chinatown.  With all these type classic Hollywood detective films, the series tries to build a bit of a continuing mystery and different threads, but it doesn’t fully fall into the format.  I wish that show had involved cliffhangers and shocking mystery (almost soap opera) like reveals complete with red herrings…but it only does a few of these (and the ending ended up being rather predictable involving Krieger’s robots).

archer season 7 episode 7 double indecency pam cheryl prostitutes

Give me a “Laverne and Shirley” reboot with these two

What isn’t in question is that the “cast” of Archer works perfectly together and that the show has everything timed right for optimum laughs.  H. Jon Benjamin’s smarmy Archer can be a complete jerk but is still somehow endearing and the perfect foil for Aisha Tyler.  Jessica Walter continues to shine as almost a cartoon version of her Lucille Bluth Arrested Development character.  Chis Parnell is fun as the nerdy Cyril (and I love his Silence of the Lambs Buffalo Bill appearance).  Adam Reed and Lucky Yates as Ray Gillette and Krieger are fun as the kind of third wheel characters, and I would still watch an entire show surrounding Amber Nash and Judy Greer’s Pam Poovey and Cheryl Tunt characters.  The season also features guest voicing from Patton Oswalt, J.K. Simmons, Keegan-Michael Key, Jon Daly, Jon Glaser, Ron Leibman, Christian Slater, and John O’Hurley.

archer season 7 episode 3 deadly prep cyril silence of the lambs

It puts the lotion in the basket

Archer is also a very visual show.  The jokes slide fast and quick, but the animation does a great job tying it in.  The odd thing about the series is that since it is animated, the characters seem just as comfortable being action stars as they do being standard sitcom foils.  While most of the actors involved in Archer have no standing as “action-heroes”, the show can still make them look like real heroes with ease.

Archer—Season 7 continues a great series and leaves the season in a genuine cliffhanger which will have you coming back for more.  Even though the season is flawed, it still is better than a lot of shows out there.  Make a martini (or just drink straight from the bottle) and enjoy another season of Archer…it is worth it.

Archer—Season 7 Complete Episode Guide:

archer season 7 episode 1 the figgis agency sterling lana ray gillette

“The Figgis Agency”

7.1       The Figgis Agency Airdate:  03/31/16

Losing their government contract, Archer and the team find themselves as private investigators in training under Cyril Figgis at the Figgis Agency.  When they are hired by Veronica Deane to steal compromising material from Alan Shapiro, the mission could lead to unintended consequences.

archer season 7 episode 2 the handoff lana alan shapiro

“The Handoff”

7.2       The Handoff Airdate:  04/07/16

The Veronica Deane who hired the Figgis Agency was a fake and likewise her payment.  With the real Veronica Deane trying to get back the information that the Figgis Agency stole, Archer and Lana find themselves pulled into a ransom delivery that doesn’t go as planned.

archer season 7 episode 3 deadly prep cyril

“Deadly Prep”

7.3       Deadly Prep Airdate:  04/14/16

Lana wants Abbiejean enrolled in the high end pre-preschool with an exclusive list of clients.  When Archer finds his old school nemesis Richard “Ivy” Stratton is on the board, Stratton comes to Archer with a proposition, but when Cyril joins Archer in the job, trouble starts.

archer season 7 episode 4 motherless child barry dylan

“Motherless Child”

7.4       Motherless Child Airdate:  04/21/16

Barry Dylan is back and has taken Malory hostage…and his ransom demand is finding the identity of his missing mother.

archer season 7 episode 5 bel panto part 1 veronica deane clown

“Bel Panto—Part 1”

7.5       Bel Panto—Part 1 Airdate:  04/28/16

Veronica Deane is attending the party of acclaimed director Alan Shapiro and insisting on wearing a priceless emerald necklace called the Tsarina leading Alan Shapiro to hire the Figgis Agency to protect her.  When robbers dressed as clowns raid the party, Archer must infiltrate the clown posse if he hopes to protect Veronica and the necklace.

archer season 7 episode 6 bel panto part 2 clown hostages

“Bel Panto—Part 2”

7.6       Bel Panto—Part 2 Airdate:  05/05/16

Archer has stolen one of the clown’s uniforms…unfortunately so has Pam and Lana.  With the police ready to move in, the clowns have to be stopped quickly.

archer season 7 episode 7 double indecency cast

“Double Indecency”

7.7       Double Indecency Airdate:  05/12/16

Donald Zissner wants to find out if his wife Barbie Zissner is cheating on him…and Ray, Cyril, Dr. Krieger, and Ray have a bet on who Barbie will choose.  Unfortunately, Barbie Zissner thinks Donald is cheating on her which leads to Cheryl, Pam, Lana, and Mallory to make a similar bet.

archer season 7 episode 8 liquid lunch waterboarding slater

“Liquid Lunch”

7.8       Liquid Lunch Airdate:  05/19/16

Slater is back and Malory has made a deal with him for Archer and Lana to go on an unapproved mission for the CIA.  Krieger bets he can hypnotize everyone in the office…but might have to resort to unapproved methods.

archer season 7 episode 9 deadly velvet part 1 veronica deane

“Deadly Velvet—Part 1”

7.9       Deadly Velvet—Part 1 Airdate:  03/26/16

Someone is sabotaging the set of the Deadly Velvet Veronica Deane movie.  With Ellis Crane worrying he could lose his insurance backing on the project, Archer and the group is going undercover…and with a “break” with Lana, Archer might finally have his shot with Veronica Deane.

archer season 7 episode 10 deadly velvet part 2 sterling shot

“Deadly Velvet—Part 2”

7.10     Deadly Velvet—Part 2 Airdate:  06/02/16

Ellis Crane is dead, and Lana has been framed for his murder.  When Archer suspects that Veronica Deane might have used him, he must seek out the truth…even if it kills him!

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