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archer season 6 episode 5 vision quest elevator cast

Just another day in the office

ISIS is finished, and Sterling Archer and his coworkers are working a difficult balance as freelance agents for the CIA.  With a new baby, Archer has more responsibilities that he intends to shirk.  The CIA’s assignments are bigger and more explosive than many of the previous missions, and Archer knows he can accomplish anything…even if he messes it up a bit every once in a while.

Archer—Season 6 is an animated action-spy comedy.  The season aired on FX from January 8, 2015 to April 2, 2015 for thirteen episodes.  Following this season, the number of episodes dropped to ten.

I pounded out the first few seasons of Archer pretty quickly when they were available on Netflix…but then I took an Archer break.  Now, I decided to pick up Archer again, and the show continues to provide laughs.

archer season 6 episode 4 edies wedding gutshot barry dylan pam edie

That’s probably not good

The rise of ISIS led to changes for the show.  With the organization known as ISIS, it was a bit uncomfortable and joking about ISIS wasn’t something that went over well.  With the previous season getting away from ISIS (they were drug dealers), this season features a bit of a return to norm…but I kind of miss the straight up ISIS storylines.

The series has a tricky nature.  It wants to evolve the characters, but part of the joke of the series is that Archer and the others are always unmoved by what they are going through.  This season has potentially the biggest change for the characters with Archer and Lana’s baby becoming a bigger factor.  Archer, Malory, and Lana all have to do a bit of “adulating” in the most Archer way they can…With A.J. repeatedly being called “fat” by Malory and dangerous parenting tests for Lana and Archer.

The series cast is pitch perfect by this point and the timing of the jokes.  With its popularity increasing, it seems to be getting better and better guest actors.  Christian Slater has a recurring role as Slater the CIA agent.  The series also features vocal cameos by Coby Bell, Allison Tolman, Kumail Nanjiani, Keith David, C.C.H. Pounder, Gary Cole, Carrie Brownstein, Ron Leibman, and Matthew Rhys…plus, you have TV’s Michael Gray as TV’s Matthew Gray.

archer season 6 episode 6 sitting poker pam cheryl gun

Cheryl takes no prisoners

A lot of the jokes in Archer are visual jokes.  There is a lot you come to expect over time and as a regular viewer but that sometimes makes them even funnier.  There are a lot of references to other movies and shows (including the two part finally which “borrows” the plot and title from Fantastic Voyage).  It is a show that benefits from multiple viewing.

Archer is a show about people who have no filters.  A lot of comedies use similar techniques but Archer is one of the best.  The series is fun, fast, and relentless.  With the CIA team-up not working so well by the end of the season, it will be nice to see where Archer goes next…and Sterling Archer will be bragging about it regardless.

Archer—Season 6 Complete Episode Guide:

archer season 6 episode 1 the holdout sato kentaro

“The Holdout”

6.1       The Holdout Airdate:  01/08/15

Archer is sent on his first mission for the CIA and finds himself in Borneo trying to retrieve information from a crashed plane.  When he encounters a Japanese soldier from World War II named Sato Kentaro, the mission gets more complicated.  Cheryl and Pam redesign the office…but the new plans don’t live up to Malory’s hopes.

archer season 6 episode 2 three to tango conway stern

“Three to Tango”

6.2       Three to Tango Airdate:  01/15/15

Slater of the CIA sends Archer and Lana on a mission to extract an operative…Conway Stern!  With Archer and Lana gone, the question of who will raise A.J. pops up, and Malory losing A.J. doesn’t help her argument.

archer season 6 episode 3 the archer santion lana crash mccaren

“The Archer Sanction”

6.3       The Archer Sanction Airdate:  01/22/15

Archer, Lana, and Ray go on an assassination mission as members of a mountain climbing team…but unfortunately Archer has forgotten the details involving the target.  Malory disappears while babysitting A.J. leading to a search of her home.

archer season 6 episode 4 edies wedding pam poovy

“Edie’s Wedding”

6.4       Edie’s Wedding Airdate:  01/29/15

Pam’s sister Edie is getting married, and Pam convinces Archer to go to the wedding with her to show up Edie…but Barry Dylan is back and targeting Archer.  Plus, Lana tries to find a sitter for A.J.

archer season 6 episode 5 vision quest cast

“Vision Quest”

6.5       Vision Quest Airdate:  02/05/15

Malory calls an early morning staff meeting, but Archer, Pam, Cheryl, Lana, Ray, and Krieger find themselves trapped in the elevator with no means to escape.

archer season 6 episode 6 sitting slater aj faroq


6.6       Sitting Airdate:  02/12/15

Lana trusts Archer to sit for A.J., but when Slater arrives with a Pakistani agent named Farooq, Archer will have to find his fatherly instincts to protect A.J.

archer season 6 episode 7 nellis pam krieger aliens


6.7       Nellis Airdate:  02/19/15

Demoralized by Lana’s testing of him, Archer wakes up in Vegas and requests Cheryl to send her jet to retrieve him.  With Ray, Pam, Cheryl, and Krieger along to travel to Branson, Missouri, plans change when the plane is shot down over Area 51.

archer season 6 episode 8 the kanes hot tub review

“The Kanes”

6.8       The Kanes Airdate:  02/26/15

Lana is taking Archer to San Francisco when she introduces them to A.J., but the fact that she’s never told them that she is actually a spy and not a grad student could cause problems.  When her father’s secret fuel substitute

archer season 6 episode 9 pocket listing cast

“Pocket Listing”

6.9       Pocket Listing Airdate:  03/05/15

Slater has a mission to get information from the Durhani prince and queen, and hires Archer and the team to set-up a sting in Tunt Manor.

archer season 6 episode 10 reignition sequence lana burritos

“Reignition Sequence”

6.10     Reignition Sequence Airdate:  03/12/15

Lana and Archer’s rekindled relationship is making everyone else sick.  In an attempt to break them up, Pam, Krieger, Cheryl, and Cyril plot to get Archer caught in a compromising position with his former love Katya Kasanova.

archer season 6 episode 11 achub y morfilod glengooli whisky

“Achub Y Morfilod”

6.11     Achub Y Morfilod Airdate:  03/19/15

Drugging and kidnapping Lana to Wales, Archer attempts to restore their romance and explain Katya’s visit to Archer’s place…but Welsh separatists could ruin the plan.  Ray gets a new hand.

archer season 6 episode 12 drastic voyage part 1 tvs michael gray shazam

“Drastic Voyage—Part I”

6.12     Drastic Voyage—Part I Airdate:  03/26/15

Malory’s team has one last shot with the CIA.  A scientist who has created a shrinking device is suffering from a brain clot after an attempted kidnapping, and the team led by Dr. Sklodowska and Slater must enter his body to remove the clot…but Krieger has different ideas.

archer season 6 episode 13 drastic voyage part 2 pam

“Drastic Voyage—Part II”

6.13     Drastic Voyage—Part II Airdate:  04/02/15

Accidentally injected into the scientist’s foot, time is running out for the team to reach the blood clot…and if Archer and the others fail, the future as a spy agency could be over!

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