Archer—Season 2

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Archer continues to kick ass!

One of those series I wish had more episodes a season


Cancer or no cancer…I’m kicking ass!

Archer’s back and ISIS is struggling with the bills.  As ISIS tries to work its way out of the financial mess, Archer continues his way.  It is a tough year for Archer when he learns he has cancer, tries to find his father’s true identity, and decides to turn his ways around when he meets the love of his life.

FX’s Archer continues to be entertaining as the characters start to really have some personality.  Their personalities are one dimensional, but that is where most of the humor derives itself from.  Pam will always be Pam, Cheryl will always be Cheryl, and most of all Archer and his mother will always say the wrong things at the wrong time.  “What the s*!#” is almost a catch phase since the whole show is filled with “What the s*!#” moments.


Any normal day at ISIS

In the short thirteen episodes, there were a number of double episodes with Archer’s breast cancer and Archer’s mission to Russia being the biggest (and biggest life changing moments) for Archer.  While it would be easy to say that Archer remains static each episode, he actually does change or at least recall past events…usually using them as insults to his mother and coworkers.

Archer continues to develop as a fun show.  It is different with a different style of art than most network cartoons…some like that aspect others do not.  I still think it is better than a lot of the stuff out there.

Archer—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


Swiss Miss

2.1       Swiss Miss Airdate:  01/27/11

ISIS is struggling with its bills and trying to impress a billionaire investor by protecting his teenage daughter Anka (voiced by Kari Wahlgren).  When Anka keeps coming on to Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin), Archer can’t convince his mother Malory (voiced by Jessica Walter) and Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler) that there are real terrorists.


A Going Concern

2.2       A Going Concern Airdate:  02/03/11

Malory reveals to Archer that she intends to sell ISIS and that ODIN is interested.  As Barry (voiced by Dave Willis) tries to woo Lana, ODIN’s owner Len Trexler (voiced by Jeffrey Tambor) tries to seduce Mallory.  Archer, Ray Gillette (voiced by Adam Reed), Cyril Figgis (voiced by Chris Parnell), Pam Poovey (voiced by Amber Nash), and Cheryl Tunt (voiced by Judy Greer) set to sabotage the sale.


Blood Test

2.3       Blood Test Airdate:  02/10/11

Archer’s former favorite prostitute shows up at ISIS and tells Archer that he’s the father of her baby.  Archer learns that ODIN and Barry will be doing the blood test and has Archer weakened by taking blood.  ISIS throws a baby shower at Archer’s house to get back at Archer while Archer and his mother try to find a suitable replacement for Archer’s blood.


Pipeline Fever

2.4       Pipeline Fever Airdate:  02/17/11

Archer and Lana are sent to stop an eco-terrorist from blowing up a pipeline.  Archer finds the mission as an opportunity to relive his favorite Burt Reynolds’ movie.  When Archer and Lana become trapped at the pipeline in the swamp Lana and Archer find themselves talking again.  ISIS also deals with trying to go green.


The Double Deuce

2.5       The Double Deuce Airdate:  02/24/11

Archer is forced to babysit the Wee Baby Shamus and learns Woodhouse (voiced by George Coe) fears someone is going after the last surviving World War I survivors of his squad.  Archer dumps the Wee Baby Shamus on his mother and works to protect Woodhouse from the assassin.  Archer learns that Woodhouse is a war hero and the story of his birth.


Tragical History

2.6       Tragical History Airdate:  03/03/11

Cyril is contacted by a computer security agent who gets him to upload a virus into ISIS computers in an attempt to make himself look better.  When the virus goes out of control, Cyril learns that ISIS undercover agents’ identities might be sold to the top buyer.


Movie Star

2.7       Movie Star Airdate:  03/10/11

ISIS has been picked by super-star actress Rona Thorne (voiced by Rachael Harris) to help her study for a role.  As Archer and Lana argue over who gets to train Rona, Cyril and Malory work on their own script.  When Pam steals Mona’s diary, Pam, Cheryl, and Ray try to sneak into Mona’s apartment to put it back.


Stage Two

2.8       Stage Two Airdate:  03/17/11

Malory avoids a breast cancer scare but Archer learns he has stage two breast cancer.  Archer tries to make amends as he prepares for his surgery.


Placebo Effect

2.9       Placebo Effect Airdate:  03/24/11

Archer fights his breast cancer but goes on a rampage when he learns that the his cancer drug has been replaced by the Irish mob.


El Secuestro

2.10     El Secuestro Airdate:  03/31/11

Pam is kidnapped and Cheryl reveals that she’s the billionaire heiress of the Tunt fortune.  Cheryl is placed in ISIS protection, and Malory tries to stall on Pam’s rescue to get more money from Cheryl.


Jeu Monegasque

2.11     Jeu Monegasque Airdate:  04/07/11

Malory has Archer, Lana, and Ray in Monte Carlo during the Grand Prix to buy information.  When Cyril discovers Malory stole the four million dollar payoff money from the 401Ks, the office workers set out to get their money back.  Archer has a little gambling slip and loses most of the money at the casino.


White Nights

2.12     White Nights Airdate:  04/14/11

Archer infiltrates Russia to confront Major Nikolai Jackov (voiced by Peter Newman) but accidentally is caught by the Russians.  Malory is forced to hire Barry (voiced by Dave Willis) to free Archer.  When Archer and Barry escape, can they reach the border alive?


Double Trouble

2.13     Double Trouble Airdate:  04/21/11

Katya Kasanova (voiced by Ona Grauer) has returned to the U. S. with Archer and asking for asylum.  When the Russians classify Katya as a double-agent, ISIS sets out to stop Katya and Archer when he refuses to leave her.  Barry is rebuilt with bionic parts and sets out to get revenge on Archer.

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