Archer & Armstrong 1: The Michelangelo Code

archer and armstrong volume 1 the michelangelo code cover trade paperback valiant
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Story: 8/10
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Comic Info

Comic Name:  Archer & Armstrong (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Valiant Comics

Writer:  Fred Van Lente

Artist:  Clayton Henry

# of Issues:  4

Release Date:  2013


Archer & Armstrong #2 (Variant)

Reprints Archer & Armstrong (2) #1-4 (August 2012-November 2012).  Aram is a guy who likes to have fun…and has been having it for centuries since he cannot die.  Archer is the son of religious fanatics who have taught Archer that Armstrong is the enemy.  When Archer learns that his life is a lie, he finds himself teamed with He Who Is Not to Be Named in an effort to stop his parents and other members of the Sect before the boon which gave Armstrong his powers is reassembled for their own evil plans.

Written by Fred Van Lent, Archer & Armstrong Volume 1:  The Michelangelo Code collects the first four issues of the Valiant Comics relaunch comic book series.  Featuring art by Clayton Henry, the series was met with positive reviews from critics and fans.

Valiant’s relaunch has been somewhat of a surprise to me.  I was never that into Valiant when it started in the ’90s (nor was I into rival start-up company Image who was just taking off).  While Image succeeded in the long run, Valiant Comics kind of fizzled and disappeared.  Having now gone back and read some of Valiant’s stuff, it could be argued that the wrong company survived (though Image now produces some of the most creative books on the market).


Archer & Armstrong #3 (Variant)

Archer & Armstrong first appeared in Archer & Armstrong (1) #0 in July of 1992.  There first storyline was part of the massive Unity crossover that spread throughout the Valiant books.  Here, Archer and Armstrong get a fresh start, and it is perfect for people jumping on for the first time.

The characters of Archer and Armstrong really drive the book which is a complete buddy book.  You have the “likes to party too much” Armstrong teamed with “never partied in his life” Archer.  It is a fish-out-of water story (Archer’s tale) and a whale-in-a-fishbowl story (Armstrong’s tale) at the same time and quite fun as a result.  Despite being very jokey, the series does get dark at points, but the characters keep the story light.  It is a tricky balance, but Van Lente does it well in this volume.

Archer & Armstrong 1:  The Michelangelo Code is definitely worth seeking out.  Valiant smartly made all their first volumes very affordable so if you can’t find the individual issues, a collection of the first few issues won’t set you back much.  With good art and a good story, I hope Archer and Armstrong stick around for a while.  Archer & Armstrong 1:  The Michelangelo Code is followed by Archer & Armstrong 2:  Wrath of the Eternal Warrior.

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