Aquaman 2: The Others

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Black Manta and his relationship with Aquaman

The Others are interesting but need more development

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Aquaman (Volume 5)

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Geoff Johns

Artist:  Ivan Reis

# of Issues:  8

Release Date:  2013

aquaman #7 cover the others new 52Reprints Aquaman (5) #0 and #7-13 (May 2012-December 2012).  Aquaman’s past comes back to haunt him…and help him.  When Black Manta returns and begins killing Aquaman’s first team called the Others, Mera learns that Aquaman has been hiding secrets from him.  Now Aquaman must dive deep into his past to recall the ancient feud with Black Manta and find the relics of Atlantis before he, Mera, and the Others are killed for his mistakes.

Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Ivan Reis, Aquaman Volume 2:  The Others is the second storyline in Johns New 52 relaunch of Aquaman.  Following the events of Aquaman 1:  The Trench, Aquaman 2:  The Others looks at the past of the character in the New 52 universe and was well received by critics and fans.

Aquaman’s relaunch has been one of the high points of the New 52.  I was never an Aquaman-hater like many, and I did feel that the first collection Aquaman 1:  The Trench was a bit too jokey in regards to Aquaman’s less than stellar past and powers.  In this volume, Johns puts all the jokes behind and just gives a straight forward Aquaman story that has implications for bigger stories in the New 52.

aquaman #12 cover variant robot chicken

Aquaman (5) #12 Variant

The whole flashback story has been a bit overdone in comics, but it is because it is effective.  Here, we get a glimpse of Aquaman’s past and his pre-Justice League days.  The Others are rather interesting and this storyline is longer than most, but I still feel that they could have been developed more and hope that they continue to be supporting characters in the Aquaman comic since they make such a big deal in the story about how they are family, and Aquaman cares for them.  If that is the case, I hope that some of the characters get some backstory and solo action to justify this storyline.

I always thought Black Manta was a fun villain, and I like that Johns is reestablishing him as a true threat.  Johns previously tried this in the Brightest Day storyline, but most of the Brightest Day seems to be reconned out of existence with the New 52, and I find it odd that Johns put so much effort into it to just do it again a year later.

Aquaman continues to be a title to watch in the New 52.  It is a bit odd that Johns is forcing Aquaman so hard on the readers with his ties to the Justice League, but it worked for his stuff on Flash and Green Lantern so it probably will work here…maybe he just likes the challenge.  Aquaman 2:  The Others is followed by the crossover series Throne of Atlantis which runs through Aquaman 3:  Throne of Atlantis and Justice League 3:  Throne of Atlantis.

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