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Movie Name: Annie Hall

Studio: United Artists

Genre(s): Comedy/Romance

Release Date(s): April 20, 1977

MPAA Rating: PG


I have a bit of an allergy to cocaine

Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) has a problem connecting with women and keeping them.  That all seems to change when he meets Annie Hall (Diane Keaton).  Like his first two wives, he and Annie seem to click, but there is something missing.  As their relationship goes through ups and downs, Alvy and Annie wonder if they can hang on for the ride.

Woody Allen wrote, directed, and starred in Annie Hall.  It goes down as one of Woody Allen’s most popular films and won him multiple awards including Allen the Oscar for Best Director and Original Screenplay, Diane Keaton for Best Actress, and the film also won Best Picture.  It is often also recognized as one of the best comedies of all time.


Die lobster, die!

The movie is very talky type of movie.  The characters have long discussions that seem very modern for the time.  Despite being over thirty years old, the movie somehow seems very topical because it discusses a lot of basic themes and relationship problems that have existed through the ages.  On a side note, Annie’s realism also extended off screen where the style of her clothes really caught on (they were all of Diane Keaton’s real clothes).


Just wondering…do you ever shut up?

I’m not a huge fan of Allen and his style of humor, but Annie Hall works.  His nervous, neurotic ranting drives me crazy, but that is what the relationship between Alvy and Annie hinges on.  Annie can deal with his ranting and ravings and that is part of Annie’s magic.  If she can deal with Alvy, she can deal with anything.  Alvy spends half his time complaining about everyone else and what drives him crazy, but never seems to notice that his rambling also drives people crazy.  The nice “couple scenes” like the scene with the lobsters show a real connection that gets past all of their idiosyncracies.

Annie Hall is fun, but it isn’t necessarily my type of humor.  I can see why it is one of the best comedies but I only can watch it occasionally.  Of Allen’s movies, it probably is one of my favorite films.  Scenes like the rollercoaster outside of his window growing up and the accidental sneeze which ruins a group of coke users’ buzz create an almost surreal world for the two to inhabit.  It is smart, looks great, and really has a connection between the characters Allen actually based the movie on his previous relationship with Keaton (born Diane Hall) and that is why it feels like a real couple.  Check out one of the best Woody Allen movies out there and enjoy.

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