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Tongue-in-cheek humor

Not a huge Wolfram & Hart fan, Xenia: Warrior Princess ending storyline

angel season 2 episode 17 disharmony vampire co-op pyramid scheme

The season we learn that vampires is just one big pyramid scheme!

Angel Investigations is up and running with Gunn (J. August Richards) joining the team.  Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) deals with the increasing power of her visions as Wesley (Alexis Denisof) tries to hold the whole office together.  Angel (David Boreanaz) discovers his past come back to haunt him in the form of Darla (Julie Benz)…the vampire that sired him!  As Wolfram & Hart continues to try to maneuver Angel into their clutches, a trip to another dimension could yield a new team member for Angel Investigations.

Angel—Season 2 aired from September 26, 2000 to May 22, 2001.  The series aired on the WB and featured a few crossovers with its founding series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Angel was always kind of the stepchild of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I feel that not as much was put into it (especially these early seasons) and I think as a result, not as much came out.  Season 1 was ok…it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great, and Angel—Season 2 suffered more from some of the continuing storylines that really dragged down the season (especially the end).

angel season 2 episode 7 darla juliet landau james marsters

Some old Buffy friends stop by

I am not a huge fan of the villains and overall plot in Angel.  The first half of the season mostly deals with Julie Benz’s Darla character who is resurrected by the attorneys of Wolfram & Hart.  Benz’s character’s storyline plays out kind of like Angel’s storyline in Buffy and the whole Wolfram & Hart characters are rather dull…they can only make so many “attorneys are bloodsuckers” jokes.

The second part of the season involves Angel getting back in the good graces of his team at Angel Investigations after going off the deep end with Darla.  It is a little better, but I like “Team Angel” more than solo Angel so that hurts the plot a little there.  The season ends with an all out fantasy-fest on the Host’s world which is more like an episode of Xena than Buffy (they actually reference Xena)…it isn’t very good and feels kind of cheap.

angel season 2 episode 1 judgment karaoke lorne andy hallett

A little Lorne goes a long way

I feel sorry for the cast because of this.  It doesn’t seem to be coming together like the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer did.  Boreanaz can’t really hold the show himself, and Alexis Denisof, Charisma Carpenter, and J. August Richards feel rather sidelined.  I think Andy Hallett as Lorne aka The Host is a bit too silly as recurring cast member but he does work in small doses.  Christian Kane, Stephanie Romanov, and Sam Anderson of Wolfram & Hart are also bland no matter how hard they try to spice them up.

Visually, Angel falls in line with Buffy.  The monsters-of-the-week are generally cheap looking, but in a consistent way that you forget that they aren’t that great.

I feel Angel has potential that is kind of being wasted at this point.  The stories and acting are almost there but haven’t quite made it over the hump.  It lacks the young pep that Buffy had (especially in the early seasons), but it also doesn’t feel very adult.  I hope Angel gets better (though I admire it for trying it to be something different than Buffy), but even if it doesn’t, I’ll keep plugging along.

Angel—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

angel season 2 episode 1 judgment joust david boreanaz


2.1       Judgment Airdate:  09/26/00

Wesley (Alexis Denisof), Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter), and Angel (David Boreanaz) continue their work in Los Angeles and turn to Wesley’s associate the Host (Andy Hallett) at his karaoke bar for help when Cordelia has another vision of a demon.  When Angel accidentally kills a woman’s protector, Angel realizes he has to find the pregnant woman (Justina Machado) to protect her when he learns her unborn child is a target.  As Angel’s old ally Gunn (J. August Richards) joins Wesley and Cordelia in their work, Angel decides thing must change which means a visit to Faith (Eliza Dushku).

angel season 2 episode 2 are you now or have you ever been david boreanaz

“Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?”

2.2       Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been? Airdate:  10/03/00

An investigation into a mysterious haunted hotel called the Hyperion in Los Angeles reveals a story of Angel’s past and life in the 1950s.  Angel recalls his experience in the hotel and meeting a woman on the run after a robbery.

angel season 2 episode 3 first impressions deevak demon

“First Impressions”

2.3       First Impressions Airdate:  10/10/00

Angel moves his company into the hotel and has dreams of Darla (Julie Benz), and they begin to affect his waking life.  Angel and his team team-up with Gunn to track down a demon, but Cordelia has a vision of Gunn’s death.  When Cordelia can’t get ahold of Wesley or Angel, she decides she must protect Gunn herself.

angel season 2 episode 4 untouchable bethany chaulk daisy mccracklin


2.4       Untouched Airdate:  10/17/00

Angel tries to help a telepathic girl named Bethany Chaulk (Daisy McCracklin) but doesn’t know that that Lilah (Stephanie Romanov) from Wolfram & Hart already has her claws in her.  Angel tries to teach Bethany to control her powers, and Gunn tracks Bethany’s past.

angel season 2 episode 5 dear boy darla julie benz david boreanaz

“Dear Boy”

2.5       Dear Boy Airdate:  10/24/00

Wesley and Cordelia struggle with their finances, but Angel finds seeing Darla around Los Angeles is causing him to lose focus.  When Darla appears as a woman named DeEtta Kramer, Angel tries to prove DeEtta is lying as Darla and Lindsey McDonald (Christian Kane) plot to trap Angel…pushing Wesley, Cordelia, and Gunn to worry that Angel will revert to his old ways.

angel season 2 episode 6 guise will be guise demon

“Guise Will Be Guise”

2.6       Guise Will be Guise Airdate:  11/07/00

Angel finds himself out of commission when he goes on a quest to rid himself of his obsession with Darla and goes to see a swami named T’ish Magev (Art LaFleur).  Wesley finds himself forced to stand in as Angel when he is kidnapped by Magnus Bryce (Todd Susman) and ordered to protect his daughter Virginia (Brigid Brannagh)…but Magnus actually has other plans.

angel season 2 episode 7 darla french revolution julie benz


2.7       Darla Airdate:  11/14/00

Darla finds herself suffering from having her soul back and remembers how she was sired by the Master (Mark Metcalf), found Angel, joined him in making Drusilla (Juliet Landau), and joining Angel, Drusilla, and Spike (James Marsters) on their killing.  When Lindsey finds Darla has been ordered terminated by Holland (Sam Anderson), Lindsey must decide where his loyalty lies, but Lindsey discovers that Wolfram & Hart has bigger plans.

angel season 2 episode 8 the shroud of rahmon kate lockley elizabeth rohm

“The Shroud of Rahmon”

2.8       The Shroud of Rahmon Airdate:  11/21/00

Angel goes undercover when Gunn learns about the robbery of the Shroud of Rahmon.  Replacing a vampire named Jay-Don, Angel is unaware that the Shroud of Rahmon curses those around it…but under the Shroud’s influence, an investigation by Kate Lockley (Elisabeth Röhm) could mean death!

angel season 2 episode 9 the trial jim piddock david boreanaz

“The Trial”

2.9       The Trial Airdate:  11/28/00

Darla discovers she’s dying from syphilis due to being restored to human state.  Angel sets out to find a cure for Darla which could mean a series of trials led by a valet (Jim Piddock), but even if Angel succeeds, death could still come.

angel season 2 episode 10 reunion vampires darla drusilla julie bnz juliet landau


2.10     Reunion Airdate:  12/19/00

Wolfram & Hart have killed Darla using Drusilla and Angel sets out to kill Darla before she’s reborn.  Unfortunately when Darla and Drusilla escape on a killing spree, Angel could be in a showdown with Wolfram & Hart, but Wolfram & Hart might have their own problems with their creations.

angel season 2 episode 11 redefinition karaoke gunn wesley cordelia charisma carpenter alexis denisof j august richards


2.11     Redefinition Airdate:  01/16/01

Cordelia, Gunn, and Wesley question if Angel has been pushed to the edge after his decision to let Darla and Drusilla have Holland’s Wolfram & Hart party but find asking questions leaves them out of a job.  Angel works to deal with Drusilla and Darla while Lindsey and Lilah vie for Holland’s spot at Wolfram & Hart.

angel season 2 episode 12 blood money lilah lindsey christian kane stephanie romanov

“Blood Money”

2.12     Blood Money Airdate:  01/23/01

Gunn, Wesley, and Cordelia continue work without Angel.  Angel runs into a shelter operator named Anne (Julia Lee) who has ties to Wolfram & Hart and learns that Wolfram & Hart is sponsoring a fundraiser called Highway Robbery Ball.  A demon named Boone (Mark Rolston) is out to find Angel and get revenge even if it means teaming with Wolfram & Hart.

angel season 2 episode 13 happy anniversary lubber demon

“Happy Anniversary”

2.13     Happy Anniversary Airdate:  02/06/01

Angel is contacted by the Host and learns that a man that came into the bar could hold the key to the end of the universe.  Gene Rainey (Matt Champagne) works to stop time but finds surprising help from Lubber demons.  Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn open their new office and get the lead on a job from Virginia.

angel season 2 episode 14 the thin dead line zombie police

“The Thin Dead Line”

2.14     The Thin Dead Line Airdate:  02/13/01

When Anne comes to Angel Investigations with reports that cops are targeting her wards, Gunn investigates the complaints personally.  Angel is forced to go to Kate when he’s assaulted by a police officer that turns out to be a zombie.  Someone is reanimating dead officers, and Wesley could be the next casualty.

angel season 2 episode 15 reprise elevator to hell holland sam anderson david boreanaz


2.15     Reprise Airdate:  02/20/01

Angel learns that the Review is coming at Wolfram & Hart and that killing the coming Senior Partner could be the only way to stop it.  Kate learns that her recent on-job behavior could cause her to lose her job.  Wesley confronts Angel’s recent behavior and reinjures himself.  Cordelia responds to a call from a former client but doesn’t realize she’s walking into a trap.  Angel learns that he might have to make a special trip to Hell to stop Wolfram & Hart…but learns a secret about Los Angeles in the process.

angel season 2 episode 16 epiphany skilosh demon


2.16     Epiphany Airdate:  02/27/01

Angel copes with discovery Earth is Wolfram & Hart’s “Home Office” and his night with Darla.  When he meets with the Host and learns that Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn are targeted by Skilosh demons for killing their spawn, Angel is forced into an uncomfortable reunion.  Lindsey learns about Darla’s night with Angel and sets out for revenge.

angel season 2 episode 17 disharmony harmony kendall mercedes mcnab charisma carpenter


2.17     Disharmony Airdate:  04/17/01

Harmony Kendall (Mercedes McNab) comes for a visit and reveals to Cordelia that she’s a vampire.  A vampire co-op is forming in Los Angeles, and Angel Investigations must find a way to stop it…but their newest member Harmony might be the key to infiltrating it.

angel season 2 episode 18 dead end lindsey body parts christian kane david boreanaz

“Dead End”

2.18     Dead End Airdate:  04/24/01

Angel, Wesley, and Gunn worry about Cordelia’s mental state as the psychic flashes become stronger.  Wolfram & Hart have replaced Lindsey’s hand but Lindsey finds that the new hand has its own ideas.  When Cordelia’s vision places Angel Investigations on the same path as Lindsey, Lindsey is forced to team-up with Angel.

angel season 2 episode 19 belonging drokken demon


2.19     Belonging Airdate:  05/01/01

Cordelia finds that her dreams of acting are shattered after a bad experience on a commercial.  Gunn’s friends report of vampire activity but Gunn discovers his friend George (Darris Love) could pay the price.  The Host finds his club invaded by a Drokken demon, and Angel Investigations find that it could be tied to the Host’s past.  Cordelia’s vision of a woman named Winifred “Fred” Burkle who disappeared could be tied to the arrival of the Host’s cousin Landok (Brody Hutzler).

angel season 2 episode 20 over the rainbow gun wesley the host andy hallett alexis denisof david boreanaz j august richards

“Over the Rainbow”

2.20     Over the Rainbow Airdate:  05/08/01

Cordelia is trapped in the dimension of the Host (aka Lorne) called Pylea.  Gunn finds himself giving up the fight after the death of his friend George.  Angel learns Wolfram & Hart is trying to buy Angel’s offices…and evict them.  Cordelia discovers her visions might be a danger on Pylea as Angel Investigations heads there on a rescue mission.

angel season 2 episode 21 through the looking glass cordelia queen charisma carpenter

“Through the Looking Glass”

2.21     Through the Looking Glass Airdate:  05/15/01

Cordelia’s visions have made her leader of Lorne’s people, but a discovery by Wesley finds Wolfram & Hart might reach into Lorne’s dimension.  Angel adjusts to finding popularity among Lorne’s people and the fact he isn’t slave to his vampirism…but after discovering Fred, Angel finds he has other problems on Pylea.  As Wesley and Gunn face rebels within the kingdom, Cordelia discovers that an uprising is coming.

angel season 2 episode 22 theres no place like plrtz glrb demon david boreanaz

“There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb”

2.22     There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb Airdate:  05/22/01

Lorne has been beheaded, but Cordelia learns that it might not mean death for him.  Gunn and Wesley join the revolt and try to rescue Cordelia.  Fred helps free Angel of his demon side, and Angel learns that Fred could be the key to getting back to Earth.  Cordelia has a vision of the death her protector the Groosalugg (Mark Lutz) at Angel’s hands.

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