American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007)

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Movie Name:  American Pie Presents:  Beta House

Studio:  Neo Art & Logic

Genre(s):  Comedy

Release Date(s):  December 26, 2007

MPAA Rating:  R

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Yep…that’s what you think it is…

Erik Stifler (John White) is headed to college.  Having lost his girl Tracy, Erik is looking to score.  Pledging the fraternity of his cousin Dwight (Steve Talley), Erik and his friends Bobby (Nic Nac) and Cooze (Jake Siegel) look like good prospects for Beta House.  Beta House has enemies…and the Geek House wants it destroyed.  Invoking the age old (and banned) Greek Olympiad, it’s the Betas vs. the Geeks…and the last man standing claims the university!

Directed by Andrew Waller, American Pie Presents:  Beta House is the sixth film in the American Pie franchise.  The movie follows American Pie Presents:  The Naked Mile 2006 and is a direct sequel to this film.  The film was released directly-to-DVD and received negative reviews.

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Everyone has a little tail

I don’t really like American Pie movies, and the American Pie Presents movies have proven to be weaker versions of the series.  Despite having lack-luster moments, I found American Pie Presents:  Beta House slightly better than the American Pie Presents movies.

The movie is essentially Revenge of the Nerds from the perspective of the jocks.  The Beta House is totally outclassed by the Geek House and after too much building, the characters enter a contest of champions.  The games do give the movie some direction and are some of the fun.

The movie (like previous American Pie Presents entries) seems to scrape the bottom of the barrel for actors.  Most of the actors seems to be making a Disney Channel show that just happens to be R-Rated.  Eugene Levy makes his obligatory appearance in the film, and once again, it feels like it is unnecessary.

american pie presents beta house russian roulette deer hunter

Do it!

The movie does have some humor in that it does a pretty decent mock-up The Deer Hunter’s famous Russian roulette scene.  This is ironic because 90% of the audience of the The Deer Hunter is not the audience for American Pie Presents:  Beta House…therefore the only really decent joke in the movie is rather wasted.

American Pie Presents:  Beta House is mindless.  It is slightly less mindless than most of the other American Pie Presents films, but it still is mindless.  The American Pie Presents series were winding down by this time.  American Pie Presents:  Beta House was followed by American Pie Presents:  The Book of Love in 2009 (which finished the American Pie Presents series).

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