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Fun, fluid, and bizarre series

Not for everybody

adventure time season 3 episode 9 fionna and cake title card review guide list

Time for more Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake?

Finn and Jake are off on more adventures.  Finn finds himself falling more and more in love with Princess Bubblegum despite the fact that Princess Bubblegum only sees him as a friend.  With problems with the Ice King, zombies in the Candy Kingdom, mystery VHS tapes, deadly dungeons, and ghostly mysteries, Finn and Jake will never run out of adventures to slow them down!

Adventure Time—Season 3 is an cartoon action-adventure comedy fantasy series.  The season ran from July 11, 2011 to February 13, 2012 on the Cartoon Network.  It received a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program (“Too Young”).

adventure time season 3 episode 17 thank you firewolf snow golem

Even snow golem and firewolves like Adventure Time!

I started way too late on Adventure Time and have been playing catch-up ever since.  Fortunately the first few seasons are shorter and with only ten minute episodes, you can fly through a season of Adventure Time quickly.  Adventure Time is also one of those series that has you getting more and more into it once you get the characters.

The stories are short and sweet, but they often manage to get deeper while diving.  Despite the short runtime, they have a complete story that doesn’t feel too long or too short.  The story also begins to layer by this season, and the series starts to really

adventure time season 3 episode 6 the monster lumpy space princess the drama

OMG…Just remember that is is the season that the drama started

I do love the animation for Adventure Time.  It sometimes goes from simple to really bizarre in a flash.  Also, the sheer joy of Finn, Jake, and the other characters are expressed through the art.  It is whimsical and fun…while having fun with itself.

Adventure Time is a show that grows on you, and Season 3 is another solid entry in the series.  At first glance, you maybe could write it off, but if you continue watching it, you get a real feel for the characters and there are some overarching themes.  Finn and Jake aren’t afraid to look for adventure, and you shouldn’t be afraid to look for Adventure Time…it is worth it.

Adventure Time—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:

adventure time season 3 episode 1 conquest of cuteness cute king jake finn

“Conquest of Cuteness”

3.1       Conquest of Cuteness Airdate:  07/11/11

The Cute King has vowed to conquer the world with his Cuties…but they are just so cute!  When Finn and Jake try to help them achieve their dream, a plan is hatched.

adventure time season 3 episode 2 morituri te salutamus evil finn

“Morituri Te Salutamus”

3.2       Morituri Te Salutamus Airdate:  07/18/11

Finn and Jake are trapped in an arena of death and battling ghosts.  As Jake tries to his own plan, Finn begins to fall victim to the dangers of the arena.

adventure time season 3 episode 3 memory of a memory marceline ash

“Memory of a Memory”

3.3       Memory of a Memory Airdate:  07/25/11

Convinced by her Marceline’s spirit animal to enter Marceline’s dreams and free her from a sleep spell, Finn and Jake discover Marceline’s past with a man named Ash who has his own reasons for wanting to access Marceline’s dreams.

adventure time season 3 episode 4 hitman scorcher


3.4       Hitman Airdate:  08/01/11

Finn and Jake ground the Ice King, and the Ice King isn’t having it.  Hiring a hitman named the Scorcher to hit Finn and Jake, the Ice King learns the Scorcher intends to kill them.

adventure time season 3 episode 5 too young princess bubblegum finn

“Too Young”

3.5       Too Young Airdate:  08/08/11

Princess Bubblegum has reverted to thirteen and the kingdom has fallen under the control of the Earl of Lemongrab.  This could be Finn’s chance to be Princess Bubblegum’s boyfriend at the cost of the kingdom.

adventure time season 3 episode 6 the monster lumpy space princess wolves

“The Monster”

3.6       The Monster Airdate:  08/15/11

Finn and Jake are sent by the parents of Lumpy Space Princess to find her and bring her back, but a sidequest to free villagers from a monster could slow down the mission.

adventure time season 3 episode 7 still ice king jake


3.7       Still Airdate:  08/22/11

The Ice King is determined to be Jake and Finn’s friend and has frozen them to ensure they can’t avoid his friendship.  With a bottle of un-freezing liquid locked up and Guntar the Penguin anxious to break it, Jake and Finn and might be frozen forever.

adventure time season 3 episode 8 wizard battle abracadaniel finn

“Wizard Battle”

3.8       Wizard Battle Airdate:  08/29/11

The Ice King intends to win the Wizard Battle to get a kiss from Princess Bubblegum, but Finn and Jake realize they must intervene when he reveals he intends to cheat.  Teaming with Abracadaniel, Finn and Jake must stop the Ice King.

adventure time season 3 episode 9 fionna and cake

“Fionna and Cake”

3.9       Fionna and Cake Airdate:  09/05/11

The adventures of Fionna and Cake?!?!  Fiona finds her friend Prince Gumball could be more than a friend…but the Ice Queen might be behind the real danger.

adventure time season 3 episode 10 what was missing marceline song

“What Was Missing”

3.10     What Was Missing Airdate:  09/26/11

The Door Lord has stolen from Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Beemo, and Marceline…leading to an ultimate play-off to try to open the magical door protecting him.

adventure time season 3 episode 11 apple thief tree trunks

“Apple Thief”

3.11     Apple Thief Airdate:  10/03/11

Finn and Jake learn Tree Trunks’ apples are missing and it could mean no more Tree Trunks apple pies.  Tree Trunks, Jake, and Finn set out to find the apples.

adventure time season 3 episode 12 the creeps finn jake

“The Creeps”

3.12     The Creeps Airdate:  10/17/11

A special masquerade ball has Jake, Finn, and their friends caught in a mystery.  As the danger of a ghost threatens them all, the truth must be found to stop the ghost’s murderous quest.

adventure time season 3 episode 13 from bad to worse zombies

“From Bad to Worse”

3.13     From Bad to Worse Airdate:  10/24/11

Princess Bubblegum has accidentally unleashed a zombie plague upon the kingdom.  Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess and Lady Rainicorn must find the cure before it is too late!

adventure time season 3 episode 14 beautopia susan strong


3.14     Beautopia Airdate:  11/07/11

Susan Strong is back, and she’s requested Jake help free her kingdom from Lub-Glubs.

adventure time season 3 episode 15 no one can hear you jake crazy

“No One Can Hear You”

3.15     No One Can Hear You Airdate:  11/14/11

Falling in battle, Finn wakes up months later to discover something is wrong with Jake and the Candy Kingdom has been deserted.

adventure time season 3 episode 16 jake vs me mow cat assassin

“Jake vs. Me-Mow”

3.16     Jake vs. Me-Mow Airdate:  11/21/11

Wildberry Princess reveals that someone is trying to kill her, and Jake might become an unwilling accomplice for the assassin Me-Mow.

adventure time season 3 episode 17 thank you snow golem firewolf

“Thank You”

3.17     Thank You Airdate:  11/23/11

A Snow Golem finds himself befriended by his mortal enemy in the form of a small, lost Firewolf pup.  Risking his own safety, the Snow Golem must return the wolf to his people.

adventure time season 3 episode 18 the new frontier jake croak dream banana man

“The New Frontier”

3.18     The New Frontier Airdate:  11/28/11

Jake has had a croak dream involving a rocket and a Banana Man. When Finn and Jake learn the Banana Man is real, Finn determines he has to do whatever he can to prevent Jake from dying.

adventure time season 3 episode 19 holly jolly secrets part 1 jake finn bmo

“Holly Jolly Secrets—Part 1”

3.19     Holly Jolly Secrets—Part 1 Airdate:  12/05/11

The discovery of a box of VHS tapes leads Finn and Jake to learn that it is the Ice King’s secret diaries.

adventure time season 3 episode 20 holly jolly secrets part 2 young ice king crown vhs

“Holly Jolly Secrets—Part 2”

3.20     Holly Jolly Secrets—Part 2 Airdate:  12/05/11

The Ice King is determined to stop Finn and Jake from unearthing his secrets…and he must stop them before they get to the last tape!

adventure time season 3 episode 21 marcelines closet finn jake hiding

“Marceline’s Closet”

3.21     Marceline’s Closet Airdate:  12/12/11

When Finn and Jake ignore Marceline’s request to stay out of her lair when she isn’t there, they find themselves trapped in her closet…and questioning if escape is possible.

adventure time season 3 episode 22 paper pete finn moldos

“Paper Pete”

3.22     Paper Pete Airdate:  01/16/12

A trip to the library leads to a trip to adventure for Finn when he meets the Pagelings and learns about their battle against the Moldos…but will Jake believe him?

adventure time season 3 episode 23 another way clown nurses

“Another Way”

3.23     Another Way Airdate:  01/23/12

Jake’s hiring of clowns to heal he and Finn’s injuries has Finn out to prove there is another way…and nothing can stop him!

adventure time season 3 episode 24 ghost princess finn

“Ghost Princess”

3.24     Ghost Princess Airdate:  01/30/12

Ghost Princess reveals that she wanders the Earth due to her untimely death, and Finn and Jake realize they have a mystery on their hands…and the answers must be discovered!

adventure time season 3 episode 25 dads dungeon finn sword

“Dad’s Dungeon”

3.25     Dad’s Dungeon Airdate:  02/06/12

Finn and Jake discover a message from their father and learn of a hidden dungeon housing a family treasure…but Jake is tasked with keeping a big secret from Finn.

adventure time season 3 episode 26 incendium flame princess


3.26     Incendium Airdate:  02/13/12

Finn feels his relationship with Princess Bubblegum is falling apart, and Finn decides to get a new girlfriend in the form of Flame Princess.

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