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adventure time season 2 episode 23 video makers

The gang is back!

The kingdom of Ooo is always a place for action and adventure, and if there is an adventure, Jake and Finn are sure to be in the middle of it.  Whether they are saving one of the kingdom’s many princesses or battling the evil Ice King, Jake and Finn are heroes…just ask them!  Being a hero can sometimes be tough, and it can sometimes be boring…but Finn and Jake always bring the fun.

Adventure Time—Season 2 is an animated comedy action-adventure science-fiction cartoon.  The season aired on Cartoon Network from October 11, 2010 to February 26, 2011 in eleven minute segments.  It received a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program (“It Came from the Nightosphere”).

I was “too old” for Adventure Time when it was released.  Granted it was for all ages, but it generally skewed younger…that and the bigger fact that I didn’t have cable.  With so many people talking about it, spinoffs, and comic books, Adventure Time was on the radar, but with affordable, quality collections, the time to watch Adventure Time is now!

adventure time season 2 episode 10 to cut a womans hair finn

What lies beneath Finn’s hood?!?!

There are no ways skirting it, Adventure Time is a weird show.  There is a strange logic to a series about a human (the only one?) and an anamorphic dog running around a post-apocalyptic world of living candy and monsters.  While there aren’t really continuing plotlines, there are some overall themes and story aspects that do continue episode to episode.  This season has a lot of Finn questioning having a girlfriend (to which he can’t understand why) and ends with a scary new potential in Princess Bubblegum…but also odd feelings toward Marceline.

The show often kind of resets like a lot of cartoons, but these few threads of a continuing plot not only give binging a little more purpose, but they work to set up jokes for repeat viewers.  In fact, the in-jokes of Adventure Time are often the best part of the series and Jake and Finn’s earnest nature (and often response) is where young and old can enjoy the series.

adventure time season 2 episode 19 mystery train conductor

Don’t trust creepy train conductors

In addition to the rather strange stories, the series has weird art…which is a good thing.  The standard art for Adventure Time is stylized and fun, but it is the “breakout” art that I like.  Occasionally the surreal world becomes very real and the style and look of the cartoon is thrown out the window.  This also adds to the laughs and creates a stylized look within the stylized look.

Adventure Time—Season 2 continues with a great show.  With ten seasons, but at short lengths, Adventure Time has a lot of watch-ability.  Sitting down and pounding out ten to fifteen episodes doesn’t take very long and like an anthology series, if you don’t like one episode, the chances are you will like the next…and it leaves you clamoring for the next season.  Long live Finn and Jake!

Adventure Time—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

adventure time season 2 episode 1 it came form the nightosphere marceline father

“It Came from the Nightosphere”

2.1       It Came from the Nightosphere Airdate:  10/11/10

In an attempt to bring Marceline and her father back together to mend their differences, Finn accidentally unleashes Marceline’s father on Ooo…and Marceline and Finn must stop him before he steals everyone’s souls.

adventure time season 2 episode 2 the eyes horse

“The Eyes”

2.2       The Eyes Airdate:  10/18/10

The appearance of a horse on the hillside creates a problem for Finn and Jake as they try to sleep…what does the horse want, and why does it seem to be watching them?

adventure time season 2 episode 3 loyalty to the king nice

“Loyalty to the King”

2.3       Loyalty to the King Airdate:  10/25/10

To change his image, the Ice King shaves his beard…and finds he’s become a princess magnet!  When Finn and Jake agree to help the new Nice King find a princess, the truth may be revealed.

adventure time season 2 episode 4 blood under the skin finn lady armor

“Blood Under the Skin”

2.4       Blood Under the Skin Airdate:  11/01/10

A splinter leads Finn to seek out armor, but a quest for the Magic Armor of Zelderon could mean an embarrassing encounter with Sir Slicer.

adventure time season 2 episode 5 storytelling animals attack finn


2.5       Storytelling Airdate:  11/08/10

Jake is sick and the only thing that cure him is a new, real adventure story with romance, a battle, suspense, and a happy ending…but Finn’s attempt to serve this up could land him in real danger.

adventure time season 2 episode 6 slow love snorlock snails

“Slow Love”

2.6       Slow Love Airdate:  11/15/10

A giant snail named Snorlock has taken over Finn and Jake’s home, and the only way that Finn and Jake can get it back is to find the perfect female snail for Snorlock.

adventure time season 2 episode 7 power animal jake party

“Power Animal”

2.7       Power Animal Airdate:  11/22/10

Finn is kidnapped during the night when his natural energy is seen as a potential power source, but Jake might have to tap into his inner party animal to save him.

adventure time season 2 episode 8 crystals have powers tree trunks finn jake

“Crystals Have Powers”

2.8       Crystals Have Power Airdate:  11/29/10

Finn and Jake find themselves sucked into a strange crystal, and Jake might have to allow himself to break the vow he made to himself as a child to save him…but the real source of the crystal men’s power could be a blast from the past.

adventure time season 2 episode 9 the other tarts royal deliverer

“The Other Tarts”

2.9       The Other Tarts Airdate:  01/03/11

Finn and Jake have been tasked with delivering Princess Bubblegum’s tarts to the Annual Royal Back Rubbing Ceremony and their failure could cost Bubblegum her life!  However, Finn has a plan, and tart thieves must beware.

adventure time season 2 episode 10 to cut a womans hair tree witch jake

“To Cut a Woman’s Hair”

2.10     To Cut a Woman’s Hair Airdate:  01/10/11

Jake has been captured by a Tree Witch who is threatening to consume him unless he can deliver a princess’s hair to her, but first Finn learn how to talk to women.

adventure time season 2 episode 11 the chamber of frozen blades jake finn ninjas

“The Chamber of Frozen Blades”

2.11     The Chamber of Frozen Blades Airdate:  01/17/11

Finn and Jake suspect that the Ice King is plotting to capture a princess.  Using their ninja skills, they hope to stop the Ice King’s plot.

adventure time season 2 episode 12 her parents henry rollins laura silverman

“Her Parents”

2.12     Her Parents Airdate:  01/24/11

Jake’s dating of Lady Rainicorn could be in jeopardy when her parents come to meet him.  Rainicorns and dogs have been enemies for years, and Jake and Finn hope to disguise Jake’s true nature.

adventure time season 2 episode 13 the pods piglets wands

“The Pods”

2.13     The Pods Airdate:  01/31/11

Three magic beans have been left in the care of Jake and Finn.  One of the beans is evil while the other two beans are innocent.  Deciding to plant the beans to ferret out the evil bean, Jake and Finn might be in over their heads.

adventure time season 2 episode 14 the silent king

“The Silent King”

2.14     The Silent King Airdate:  02/07/11

Finn is appointed king of the goblins to prevent war but giving up the life of an adventurer might not be Finn’s best decision.

adventure time season 2 episode 15 the real you glasses of nerdicon finn

“The Real You”

2.15     The Real You Airdate:  02/14/11

Princess Bubblegum is throwing a science barbecue, and Finn is feeling self-conscious.  Donning the Glasses of Nerdicon, Finn finds his intelligence skyrocketing, but it could doom Ooo.

adventure time season 2 episode 1 guardians of sunshine video game finn jake

“Guardians of Sunshine”

2.16     Guardians of Sunshine Airdate:  02/21/11

Sucked into BMO, Finn and Jake find themselves trapped in a video game loaded with dangerous bosses.

adventure time season 2 episode 1 death in bloom vs finn miguel ferrer

“Death in Bloom”

2.17     Death in Bloom Airdate:  02/28/11

Finn and Jake accidentally kill Princess Bubblegum’s prized plant.  Travelling to the Land of the Dead, Finn much challenge Death himself to restore Bubblegum’s plant.

adventure time season 2 episode 18 susan strong

“Susan Strong”

2.18     Susan Strong Airdate:  03/07/11

Finn realizes that he is the only human he’s ever seen.  When Jake and Finn uncover and underground race of humans, Finn tries to acclimate Susan Strong to the surface world.

adventure time season 2 episode 19 mystery train jake dies finn

“Mystery Train”

2.19     Mystery Train Airdate:  03/14/11

It’s Finn’s birthday and Jake is helping him celebrate.  Taking a train to the party, Finn and Jake find themselves enveloped in a murder-mystery, and sometimes the most likely suspect is the guilty party.

adventure time season 2 episode 20 go with me marceline finn

“Go with Me”

2.20     Go with Me Airdate:  03/28/11

It is couples night at the movies, and Jake tells Finn that he can only go if he asks someone out.  Jake’s attempts to ask Princess Bubblegum hit a brick wall until he asks for help from Marceline.

adventure time season 2 episode 21 belly of the beast andy samberg party pat

“Belly of the Beast”

2.21     Belly of the Beast Airdate:  04/04/11

Jake and Finn find a bunch of bears partying in the belly of a beast.  Party Pat doesn’t want to move the party, but the dangers of living in a monster’s stomach could be fatal.

adventure time season 2 episode 22 the limit jake

“The Limit”

2.22     The Limit Airdate:  04/11/11

Jake always has been able to stretch, but Finn and Jake’s attempt to stretch through a maze for a magical wish could be too much for him.

adventure time season 2 episode 23 video makers bmo jake finn

“Video Makers”

2.23     Video Makers Airdate:  04/18/11

When Finn and Jake’s movie club learns that the warning before movies means they can’t show them legally, they set out to make a movie of their own.

adventure time season 2 episode 24 mortal folly lich

“Mortal Folly”

2.24     Mortal Folly Airdate:  05/02/11

The Lich has been freed and now all of Ooo is in danger.  Armed with a weapon and a sweater from Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Jake could be the only hope, but when the Ice King tries to get permission to marry Princess Bubblegum, disaster strikes!

adventure time season 2 episode 25 mortal recoil princess bubblegum possessed

“Mortal Recoil”

2.25     Mortal Recoil Airdate:  05/02/11

Something is wrong with Princess Bubblegum.  Having narrowly survived her fall into the Lich’s well, something is inside of her, and Jake and Finn might have to turn to the Ice King for help.

adventure time season 2 episode 26 heat signature marceline finn vampire

“Heat Signature”

2.26     Heat Signature Airdate:  05/09/11

A trip to Marceline’s for a movie night ends up with Marceline tricking Finn and Jake into believing they are vampires…but things could turn deadly when Marceline’s friends take the joke too far.

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