22 Jump Street (2014)

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Movie Name:  22 Jump Street

Studio:  Media Rights Capital

Genre(s):  Comedy/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s):  June 4, 2014 (Premiere)/June 13, 2014 (US)

MPAA Rating:  R


Those wacky guys are at it again!

Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are back but deemed too old for high school.  With college in their sites, Jenko and Schmidt find that sticking to a working formula can be difficult especially when the whole plan is flipped by Jenko being the popular one.  As Schmidt romances a girl named Maya (Amber Stevens), Jenko finds himself an in with the football team and a suspect named Zook (Wyatt Russell).  Who is supplying the WHYPHY and can it be stopped as spring break approaches.

Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, 22 Jump Street is the follow-up to the blockbuster comedy 21 Jump Street from 2012.  The movie was released to positive reviews and strong box office numbers.


It’s inking my face!

I was surprised by 21 Jump Street which I really enjoyed and (as with most sequels) expected that 22 Jump Street wouldn’t be as fun.  I was even more surprised when I found 22 Jump Street more amusing than the first film.

The movie makes a lot of fun of sequels, the stupidity of the original concept with Tatum and Hill looking even older, and college films.  Jokes really pay off and gags about repeating the past to get the same results leads to actual plotline problems for the characters.  The story flips the last movie by reversing the characters roles and even upping the idea that they are a couple.  It plays out great and the only problem I had with the movie is that the ending gets a bit too surreal in the fight between Hill and Jillian Bell.


Channing channels his inner Spider-Man!

Hill and Tatum have the buddy film down.  I’m not a huge Hill fan, but he works here and I also like that Tatum even takes potshots at himself with a joke about White House Down.  I like that the movie augments Ice Cube’s role and brings in a better supporting cast for the movie.

The movie also seems to up the budget for the movie with a big “Spring Break” finale with more explosions, shootouts, helicopters, and such.  This gives the movie a bit more to play with visually.

22 Jump Street I think surpasses the first film but I can also see how people liked the first film more.  I think this movie just gets into it much quicker and the movie doesn’t have as many slow points.  22 Jump Street is already scheduled for a sequel in 23 Jump Street, but the movie also has proposed female 21 Jump Street spin-off.

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