Say It Ain’t So! Ryan Reynolds Wanted for Highlander Re-Boot


I’m coming in 2014 to ruin your Highlander experience

There can only be one…and that one is Ryan Reynolds?!?  Reports that Ryan Reyonlds might Connor MacLeod in the Summit Entertainment picture sceduled for a 2014 release.  I like Highlander and this could only ruin a series that has already suffered major downgrades since the original’s release in 1986.  Whether this is a complete remake or a “reimagining” is unclear, but I’m sure if Ryan Reynolds is involved, it will be a tanker.  I’m not a Ryan Reynolds fan, but his role in Green Lantern was tolerable enough in a bad movie that I wish he’d just focus on getting Green Lantern 2 made instead of mucking-up another franchise.

Highlander tells the tale of a Scottish swordsman who learns he is an eternal in part of a greater plan.  The original starred Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery facing off against Clancy Brown for the title of the One.  I hope they don’t plan to have Ryan Reynolds play Scottish…but if not, “Highlander” might not be an appropriate title.  Will see if this movie pans out…of course this also dovetails into the larger problem of unnecessary Hollywood remakes.

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