HorrorHound Weekend 2012: Indianapolis September 7-September 9



Horror and sci-fi fans should clear your calendars and gas up your cars.  HorrorHound’s annual horror convention is coming back to Indianapolis Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for an all-star weekend.  BasementRejects can show you what you are missing, but with an impressive (and growing) line-up of stars, this is quickly becoming one of the better horror convention especially for those in the Midwest.  This year’s scheduled guests are headlined by Linda Hamilton of Terminator fame and also includes perennial horror favorite Lance Henriksen, the star of Dead-Alive (or Braindead depending on your location) Timothy Balme, Elvira, Anthony Michael Hall, Michael Bien, Heather Langenkamp (Freddy’s only real nemesis in Nightmare on Elm Street), and more Terminator stars including Kristanna Loken, Edward Furlong, Danny Cooksey (I doubt he wants to answer a lot of questions about Diff’rent Strokes however).  The list is quite expansive and they even managed to collect a Monster Squad reunion.

The show will have a number of panels, vendors, and costumes (the Costume Ball stars Saturday at 8:00)…plus you can check out screenings of horror films and shorts.  For a complete list of events and guests stop by the web page (there really is too much to bring here…not exaggerating…they have pages of stuff).

We’ll be there snapping pictures if you can’t make the drive to Indianapolis, but if you happen to already be in Indy (or pretty close), be there!   Check it out the official website and be sure to look for the list events if there is something you specifically wish to see:


Here’s our HorrorHound Weekend link…Hope you had fun!:


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