Welcome Back Charlie Brown and the Rest of the Peanuts Gang


Peanuts #0 on sale in November for $1!

Fans of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts take heed.  A new series is coming out for you!  Kaboom is going to be producing a Peanut’s comic book starting in November with all new material.  Peanuts ran from 1940 to Schulz’s death in 2000 and hasn’t had new material since.  In addition, the comic will not be made up of strips but story based (I’m guessing a lot like Archie comics).   Peanuts will be an All-Ages line comic and will release a zero issue in November for $1 and follow up with its first issue in January 2012.  Kaboom will be working with Schulz’s company of Peanuts Worldwide and Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates…Good Grief!  Give it a chance!  Maybe this will be Charlie Brown’s chance to kick the football.

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