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This week Gambit visits friends and family, Batgirl becomes Vampire Batgirl, Batman and Bluebird crash Catwoman’s party for a surprise, She-Hulk finds herself taking Tony Stark to court, and Mulder and Scully check into the roach motel.This week’s winner is the premiere of She-Hulk (5) #1.  The comic really feels like the previous volumes (which I loved) and that makes it worth checking out.  With Ms. Marvel #1 last week and She-Hulk #1 this week, I have two new series to watch.

Comics featured in “This Week in Comics” are All-New X-Factor #3, Batgirl (3) #28, Batman (2) #28, She-Hulk (5) #1, and The X-Files—Season 10 #9.

All-New X-Factor #3

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Cover Price:  $3.99

Writer:  Peter David

Artist:  Carmine Di Giandomencio

Date:  April 2014

Title:  —


All-New X-Factor #3 (Variant Cover)

Serval Industries’ servers have been hacked…and unfortunately Gambit knows who the hacker might be.  Travelling to the mysterious Stolen Island in the Mediterranean, X-Factor is about to discover an old ally might now be an enemy.  Plus, what is Snow up to and why is he spying on his own employees?

I always loved Peter David’s X-Factor, but I fell off reading the last incarnation of X-Factor about 10 to 15 issues in.  I have always regretted that, and I decided to give this X-Factor a shot (despite being angered at another relaunch).  I do find the team interesting, but I am already wishing they would add a couple new members (like the opening page hints)…I’m guessing we’re getting Danger.

I am not the biggest Gambit fan but I think he could work here…I don’t however care about his family, New Orleans, Thieves’ Guild, etc…so this Stolen Island thing might be a little irritating.  I am more interested in the bigger story than the individual issues…I want the book to move a little faster (and more Quicksilver on a related note).

All-New X-Factor is keeping me, but it needs a bit more “pow!”  I think this could be a fun comic, and I hope David gets this origin story going a bit faster.  I like Giandomencio’s art and hope to see more characters brought in for his designs.  Let’s hope Marvel lets this team run for a bit.

Batgirl (2) #28

Publisher:  DC Comics

Cover Price:  $2.99

Writer:  Gail Simone

Artist:  Fernando Pasarin

Date:  April 2014

Title:  “Silver”


Batgirl (2) #28

Silver is gunning for Batgirl!  When a child goes missing, Batgirl and Talon-turned-Bird-of-Prey Strix set out to find her.  Unfortunately, Silver also is hunting Batgirl when he takes the idea of Batgirl and the Bat Family a bit too literal.

Batgirl (3) #28 introduces a new villain for Batgirl in Silver.  Silver is a hunter assassin who is a little unbalanced and believes Batman and his clan are actually vampires…yeah, really.

It is a rather lame character (read early ’90s), and I would have rather had Batgirl face one of the more established villains for a change.  I would love for her to face off against someone not in the Bat Family since I’ve always felt she was the more sheltered Bat character due to not really being part of a team like the Justice League or even Teen Titans.

The art continues to be strong and that is one of the better aspects of this issue.  I do like the relationship between Batgirl and Strix, and I’d love to see her take on Strix as almost a sidekick on occasion because it works here.

Batgirl (3) #28 isn’t the best Batgirl issue but the series remains one of the better New 52 series.  I am rather dreading Batgirl (3) #29 since this Silver storyline didn’t wrap-up and that means more almost lame ’90s character…I’d rather actually have a ‘’90s character for some throwback fun.

Batman (2) #28

Publisher:  DC Comics

Cover Price:  $3.99

Writer:  Scott Snyder/James Tynion IV

Artist:  Dustin Nguyen

Date:  April 2014

Title:  “Gotham Eternal”


Batman (2) #28

Batman and Bluebird team-up to bring down Selina’s exclusive club the Egyptian.  As Batman faces down Selina for help with Gotham’s growing problem, he learns Selina has a secret prisoner that he never expected.

Batman (2) #28 is a preview of the Gotham Eternal storyline which kicks off in April.  This issue not only advances Batman into the “future” after Year Zero, but it also give Harper the sidekick role of Bluebird while returning fan favorite Stephanie Brown as Spoiler (something that New 52 readers have been demanding since the relaunch).

I can say that though there were some exciting revelations (like the Spoiler aspect), Batman (2) #28 wasn’t my favorite issue.  After so many flashback issues, I wanted them to either continue with Year Zero or give me a present day story…this felt like a stand-alone issue that used to be reserved for stuff like the 10 Cent Adventure from   .  It didn’t feel like there was much story.

I do like Dustin Nguyen’s art for the story.  It is almost a Jae Lee “less is more” approach to the story…I’m not a fan of the Bluebird techy costume, but the good art does make it a bit more bearable.

Batman is still one of the best titles out there now, but it does get bogged down by these big stories.  I look forward to seeing where this storyline goes and still would love to see more crossover with the non-Batman Family characters like Superman, Aquaman, or Wonder Woman.

She-Hulk (5) #1

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Cover Price:  $2.99

Writer:  Charles Soule

Artist:  Javier Pulido

Date:  April 2014

Title:  —


She-Hulk (5) #1 (Variant Cover)

Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, has just found herself unemployed.  When a new client comes to her to go after her husband’s claim of copyright theft, She-Hulk finds herself in a big battle…with her friend Tony Stark.

I have always been a She-Hulk fan and will always be a She-Hulk fan.  The first “serious” She-Hulk was fun (for a while) and Byrne’s “funny” She-Hulk was also good.  Dan Slott’s She-Hulk was the only thing he’s done that I really liked thus far (the Initiative was ok too)…this series seems in the vein of that She-Hulk.

The fifth volume of She-Hulk is part of the Marvel All-New Now! line, and I’m happy She-Hulk is back in good form.  The writing is still tongue-in-cheek and the character’s past isn’t forgotten.  It is the right way to relaunch a series…you didn’t really need any background to enjoy it while it also felt true to old issues.

It will be interesting to see how this series unwraps.  I am curious (and hope) that they keep mostly a law aspect to the story.  Here she battles Tony Stark in court…I’m also seeing a Daredevil crossover since he’s at the top of his game right now.

The art is fantastic.  I don’t love the Dan Slott run on Spider-Man but I liked Pulido’s art when he was on it (plus his Robin—Year One).  I like that his style reminds me of a combination of Darwyn Cooke and Michael Allred…two of my favorite artists.

She-Hulk (5) #1 is a must if you like your superhero comic with some brains and humor.  If you read She-Hulk in the past check out this one and have fun.  I hope it has a long life (but always fear for the little book in this big market).

The X-Files—Season 10 #9

Publisher:  IDW

Cover Price:  $3.99

Writer:  Joe Harris

Artist:  Greg Scott

Date:  February 2014

Title:  “Chitter”


The X-Files–Season 10 #9

When a man is brought in on suspicion of multiple kidnappings, Mulder and Scully investigate his life and the strange obsession with cockroaches.  Unfortunately, the Chittering God is coming, and it has its eyes on Scully.

When I saw this issue, I thought it was another throwback issue to the TV series.  In season 3 episode 12, “War of the Coprophages” had killer cockroaches…I just assumed that this issue was a tie-in to that, but it was never referenced or talked about.  It also almost felt like the episode where there was a creeper insect creature in “Folie à Deux” from season 5.

This was a “monster of the week” issue of the comic and I don’t mind that, but the comic does have to wary of having too many of these together.  Since the big five issue kickoff storyline, the comic has had 2 stand-alone issues and a two issue story.  It probably should look into another multi-issue run soon.

I do really enjoy this series however.  It is a fun little bonus to fans of the original series.  This issue does read like an X-Files episode and that I guess is the goal…I just wish that it had gone a different direction.

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