November Comic Blow-Out!!!

november comic book blow out

The comics are piling up!  As a result, you get the most random and all over-the-place comic book reviews for the month of November 2017…will more all Comic Blow-Out months follow?

November 1, 2017

legion secret origin trade paperback tpb

Legion:  Secret Origin

November 2, 2017

moon girl and devil dinosaur volume 1 bff trade paperback

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 1:  BFF

November 3, 2017

battlworld ghost racers trade paperback marvel francesco francavilla

Battleworld:  Ghost Racers

November 4, 2017

aquaman and the others volume 2 alignment earth cover trade paperback

Aquaman and the Others 2:  Alignment Earth

November 5, 2017

wonder woman volume 3 iron cover cliff chiang

Wonder Woman 3:  Iron

November 6, 2017

magneto volume 4 last days cover trade paperback

Magneto 4:  Last Days

November 7, 2017

promethea book 1 cover j h williams iii art

Promethea—Book 1

November 8, 2017

stormwatch volume 1 the dark side trade paperback cover

Stormwatch 1:  The Dark Side

November 9, 2017

star wars volume 2 showdown on smugglers moon cover trade paperback

Star Wars 2:  Showdown at Smuggler’s Moon

November 10, 2017

scalped volume 2 casino boogie cover trade paperback tpb rm guera art

Scalped 2:  Casino Boogie

November 11, 2017

moon knight volume 1 lunatic cover trade paperback

Moon Knight 1:  Lunatic

November 12, 2017

ms marvel volume 1 no normal review

Ms. Marvel 1:  No Normal

November 13, 2017

gotham academy volume 1 welcome to gotham academy trade paperback

Gotham Academy 1:  Welcome to Gotham Academy

November 14, 2017

elektra volume 1 bloodlines trade paperback cover michael del mundo

Elektra 1:  Bloodlines

November 15, 2017

team 7 volume 1 fight fire with fire trade paperback cover

Team 7 1:  Fight Fire with Fire

November 16, 2017

battleworld red skull cover trade paperback

Battleworld:  Red Skull

November 17, 2017

justice league volume 4 the grid cover trade paperback


Justice League 4:  The Grid

November 18, 2017

ms marvel volume 2 generation why cover trade paperback

Ms. Marvel 2:  Generation Why

November 19, 2017

trinity of sin the phantom stranger volume 1 a stranger among us cover trade paperback

Trinity of Sin—The Phantom Stranger 1:  A Stranger Among Us

November 20, 2017

warzones modok assassin cover trade paperback

Warzones!:  M.O.D.O.K. Assassin

November 21, 2017

huntress crossbow at the crossroads cover trade paperback

Huntress:  Crossbow at the Crossroads

November 22, 2017

rat queens volume 1 sass and sorcery cover

Rat Queens 1:  Sass and Sorcery

November 23, 2017

scalped volume 3 dead mothers tpb

Scalped 3:  Dead Mothers

November 24, 2017

moon girl and devil dinosaur volume 2 cosmic cooties cover

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 2:  Cosmic Cooties

November 25, 2017

deathlok volume 1 control alt delete cover trade paperback

Deathlok 1:  Control. Alt. Delete.

November 26, 2017

flash by geoff johns volume 1 cover review

The Flash by Geoff Johns—Volume 1

November 27, 2017

justice league volume 5 forever heroes cover

Justice League 5:  Forever Heroes

November 28, 2017

elektra volume 2 reverence trade paperback michael del mundo art

Elektra 2:  Révérence

November 29, 2017

moon girl and devil dinosaur volume 3 the smartest there is cover trade paperback

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 3:  The Smartest There Is!

November 30, 2017

essential peter parker the spectacular spider-man volume 3 cover frank miller

Essential Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man—Volume 3

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