November 2022 Comic Book Blowout!

Sometimes you just need to try to catch up…here a bunch of trade paperback reviews from Marvel Comics, DC, Image, and others.  Just click for a link to the complete review and hundreds of other comic book reviews!

November 1, 2022

new teen titans volume 5 cover terra trade paperback tpb

New Teen Titans—Volume 5

November 2, 2022

gotham central book 4 corrigan cover

Gotham Central—Book 4:  Corrigan

November 3, 2022

dc meets hanna barbera volume 1 cover space ghost green lantern

DC Meets Hanna-Barbera—Volume 1

November 4, 2022

swamp thing volume 1 becoming cover trade paperback tpb

The Swamp Thing 1:  Becoming

November 5, 2022

chronicles of kull volume 1 a king comes riding and other stories cover trade paperback tpb

The Chronicles of Kull 1:  A King Comes Riding and Other Stories

November 6, 2022

eternals by jack kirby complete collection cover review

The Eternals by Jack Kirby—The Complete Collection

November 7, 2022

teen titans by geoff johns book 2 cover

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns—Book 2

November 8, 2022

impossible man cover trade paperback tpb

Impossible Man

November 9, 2022

infinity crusade volume 1 cover review goddess

The Infinity Crusade—Volume 1

November 10, 2022

foolkiller fools paradise cover trade paperback tpb

Foolkiller:  Fool’s Paradise

November 11, 2022

vampire tales volume 1 cover morbius marvel horror

REMASTERED REVIEW:  Vampire Tales—Volume 1

vampire tales volume 2 cover trade paperback digest lilith marvel horror

Vampire Tales—Volume 2

November 12, 2022

death the high cost of living cover trade paperback tpb

Death:  The High Cost of Living

November 13, 2022

powers volume 8 legends cover trade paperback tpb

Powers 8:  Legends

November 14, 2022

journey into mystery volume 2 fear itself fallout cover trade paperback tpb

Journey Into Mystery 2:  Fear Itself Fallout

November 15, 2022

100 bullets volume 4 a foregone tomorrow cover trade paperback tpb

100 Bullets 4:  A Foregone Tomorrow

November 16, 2022

52 volume 2 cover trade paperback

52—Volume 2

November 17, 2022

robin year one cover original trade paperback tpb

Robin:  Year One

November 18, 2022
powers volume 9 psychotic cover trade paperback tpb

Powers 9:  Psychotic

November 19, 2022

battleworld marvel zombies cover trade paperback tpb

Battleworld:  Marvel Zombies

November 20, 2022

robotech archives the macross saga volume 1 cover trade paperback review

Robotech Archives:  The Macross Saga—Volume 1

November 21, 2022

gravity big city super hero cover trade paperback tpb

Gravity:  Big-City Super Hero

November 22, 2022

star wars the original trilogy the movie adaptations cover trade paperback tpb

Star Wars:  The Original Trilogy—The Movie Adaptations

November 23, 2022

fairest volume 5 the clamour for glamour cover trade paperback tpb

Fairest 5:  The Clamour for Glamour

November 24, 2022

journey into mystery volume 4 the manchester gods cover trade paperback tpb

Journey Into Mystery 4:  The Manchester Gods

November 25, 2022

green arrow volume 4 the kill machine cover trade paperback

Green Arrow 4:  The Kill Machine

November 26, 2022

brit volume 3 fubar cover review

Brit 3:  FUBAR

November 27, 2022

bone volume 4 the dragonslayer cover trade paperback tpb scholastic

Bone 4:  The Dragonslayer

November 28, 2022

millennium cover trade paperback tpb


November 29, 2022

castle waiting volume 1 cover review hardback

Castle Waiting—Volume 1

November 30, 2022

carnage classic cover trade paperback tpb

Carnage Classic

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