March Comic Book Blowout 2022

march comic book blowout billboard review

March comes in like a lion…and it is a perfect month to do catch-up on comics.  31 days and 31 comic book reviews.  From Marvel to DC to Image to other independents.  Click on the comic title to see a full review!

March 1, 2022

batman volume 3 i am bane cover trade paperback tpb

Batman 3:  I Am Bane

March 2, 2022

thor epic collection volume 18 the black galaxy cover trade paperback tpb

Thor Epic Collection—Volume 18:  The Black Galaxy

March 3, 2022

star wars volume 9 hope dies cover trade paperback tpb

Star Wars 9:  Hope Dies

March 4, 2022

batman arkham man-bat cover trade paperback

Batman Arkham:  Man-Bat

March 5, 2022

ninjak volume 2 the shadow wars cover review

Ninjak 2:  The Shadow Wars

March 6, 2022

ec archives weird science volume 1 cover trade paperback

The EC Archives:  Weird Science—Volume 1

March 7, 2022

star wars jedi of the republic mace windu cover trade paperback tpb

Star Wars:  Jedi of the Republic—Mace Windu

March 8, 2022

ice cream man volume 7 certain descents cover review

Ice Cream Man 7:  Certain Descent

March 9, 2022

batman arkham victor zsasz cover review

Batman Arkham:  Victor Zsasz

March 10, 2022

chew volume 4 flambe cover trade paperback tpb

Chew 4:  Flambe

March 11, 2022

thor by dan jurgens and john romita jr volume 1 cover review

Thor by Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr.—Volume 1

March 12, 2022

deathlok volume 2 man versus machine cover review trade paperback tpb

Deathlok 2:  Man versus Machine

March 13, 2022

rai volume 4 4001 ad cover review david mack trade paperback

Rai 4:  4001 A.D.

March 14, 2022

avengers volume 1 the final host cover trade paperback tpb

Avengers 1:  The Final Host

March 15, 2022

star wars volume 10 the escape cover trade paperback tpb

Star Wars 10:  The Escape

March 16, 2022

Batman volume 7 the wedding cover review catwoman

Batman 7:  The Wedding

March 17, 2022

legend of zelda legendary edition 3 majoras mask a link to the past trade paperback manga

The Legend of Zelda:  Majora’s Mask/A Link to the Past

March 18, 2022

paper girls volume 2 cover trade paperback tpb

Paper Girls—Volume 2

March 19, 2022

spider-man the complete clone saga epic book 2 cover trade paperback tpb

Spider-Man:  The Complete Clone Saga Epic—Book 2

March 20, 2022


dc meets hanna barbera volume 2 cover review dynomutt robin blue falcon superboy

DC Meets Hanna-Barbera—Volume 2

March 21, 2022

bitch planet book 1 extraordinary machine cover trade paperback

Bitch Planet—Book 1:  Extraordinary Machine

March 22, 2022

west coast avengers sins of the past cover hawkeye

Avengers:  West Coast Avengers—Sins of the Past

March 23, 2022

paper girls volume 3 cover trade paper back tpb

Paper Girls—Volume 3

March 24, 2022

green goblin a lighter shade of green cover trade paperback tpb

Green Goblin:  A Lighter Shade of Green

March 25, 2022

incredible hulk epic collection volume 14 going gray cover trade paperback tpb

Incredible Hulk Epic Collection—Volume 14:  Going Gray

March 26, 2022

warzones years of future past cover trade paperback review

Warzones!:  Years of Future Past

March 27, 2022

paper girls volume 4 cover review trade paperback

Paper Girls—Volume 4

March 28, 2022

powers volume 5 anarchy cover trade paperback tpb

Powers 5:  Anarchy

March 29, 2022

lumberjanes volume 1 beware of the kitten holy cover trade paperback tpb

Lumberjanes 1:  Beware of the Kitten Holy

March 30, 2022

authority volume 2 under new management cover trade paperback tpb

The Authority 2:  Under New Management

March 31, 2022

heroes reborn the avengers cover trade paperback tpb

Heroes Reborn:  The Avengers

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