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Get your “Pop” on!

Indy PopCon returns for a second year!  With so many conventions coming to the city of Indianapolis, the desperate scrambling for the dollars of geeks and nerds is in full swing…and now it is Indy PopCon’s sophomore attempt to win their claim.  Running from June 26, 2015 to June 28, 2015 at the Indianapolis Convention Center, Indy PopCon promises to entertain all!

I had a bit of a problem with the first Indy PopCon and it carried over to this one as well.  As a fan of comics, PopCon didn’t provide many comic book opportunities.  I like original art from the artists and deals on books…unfortunately, this year (according to some people I spoke to), there was a move to get away from the comic book aspect for a more general pop culture aspect.  While this makes sense with Wizard World and Indy Comic Con, it was less for me to look at.


Guests galore!

There is a lot of gaming at the convention.  There were multiple opportunities to test out new games and to compete against gamers in tournaments.  The convention also smartly has ties to Riley Hospital with a retro arcade to earn money for the hospital (I just wish it had been a bit cheaper…I was eyeing that Popeye arcade game).  The set-up for the gaming is rather accessible and it seemed like everyone was enjoying it.  The focus on video games (rather than card games) is probably a smart one because I think GenCon has the board, card, dice, and other gaming covered better.

indy-popcon-2015-coming-soonPopCon makes a big deal out of celebrities that it gets.  I can’t say that it does much for me.  While it is sometimes nice to compliment a person who has been in a movie that you enjoyed, it is often rather sad to see them sitting there older and tired.  Last year, PopCon had all the actors and celebrities toward the back of the convention center, but this year, they were more mixed in to the convention.  I also like that the convention does a better job incorporating them in screenings etc.  The convention does do more to attract stars than some of the other conventions…I think it is a hard sell to get people to Indy.

I don’t know that I am PopCon’s target.  It is a good “light” convention for those who aren’t hardcore into any specific area of fandom.  I will say, that it is one of the better people watching convention in the area.  There is a lot of cosplay which is fun and some of the costumes are quite elaborate.  Is this worth the admission?  It probably depends on your point of view.  I still support PopCon and the other conventions…there continued return is a welcomed one to keep Indy different.

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