Indy Comic Con 2019

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The Indy Comic Con is back! Indy Comic Con 2019 runs from August 30, 2019 to September 1, 2019 in the Indianapolis Convention Center, the annual event has a new weekend. The show features guests, comic books, artwork, games, and other events. This years celebrities include Michael Rooker, Rick Flair, Ron Perlman, Ryan Hurst, Walter Koenig, John Barrowman, Adam Baldwin, David Yost, Big Bird Caroll Spinney, and Billy Mitchell from The King of Kong. Artists include Joel Adams, Neal Adams, Buzz, Jim Calafiore, Bob Camp, Sergio Cariello, Jose Delbo, Glenn Fabry, Michael Golden, Bob Hall, Joe Giella, Arvell Jones, Steve Leialoha, James Martin, Ariel Olivetti, Trina Robbins, Julian Tedesco, Tom Raney, Joe Rubenstein, Jim Starlin, and Ron Wilson. With a large location and a nice selection of venders and dealers, Indy Comic Con has developed into one of the better collection conventions in the Indiana area (aka not having to drive to Chicago or Cincinnati). If you’ve never tried it out, it might be good for getting some of those key issues you need, a missing Star Wars figure, or a T-Shirt or two with a lot less of the crowd. Though many of the guests are pay-for-visit or pics, the artists and others are rather accessible, and now on a long holiday weekend during the school year, it can be a fun getaway for the family. Bottom line is Indy Comic Con 2019 is another solid entry into the evolving comic book world, and I hope the convention continues to grow and evolve (but it does need to settle on a time to help establish itself and the weekend that it comes). I hope Labor Day Weekend could be the key to this. Come for the comics and purchases, and enjoy the fun of cosplay and interesting sights.

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