Indiana Comic Con 2016


The Indiana Comic Con is here again!  From gaming to celebrities and vendors, it’s all here!  Running from April 29, 2016 to May 1, 2016, the third Indy Comic Con returns to its location in the Indiana Convention Center.  Having missed last year, it is good to see the convention in a bigger setting.  I hope that the comic con can continue to grow and will attract more and more vendors, artists, and celebrities to make it a great alternative to driving to Chicago.  That being said, the convention does have room for improvement and can be even better with some more work and streamlining…but it is nearly there.  I hope that the multitude of conventions that have hit Indy in recent years won’t end up hurting this convention and that it will have room to grow!

Day 1 Pics:

Day 2 Pics:

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