Halloween Comic Fest!!!

halloween comic fest comic carnival indianapolis
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Get your comics…back issues, new issues, issues you’ll never be able to afford

Something spooky is up at Comic Carnival!

It is the Halloween Comic Fest this Saturday from 12-8.  There will be free Halloween comics, discounts, gaming sales, a live podcast, costume, and of course candy.

Comic Carnival will also be introducing their new Zine and you have the opportunity to participate and share space with artists like Stuart Sayger, Rick DesChain, and Terence Muncy.  The Zine is being produced by Indianapolis’ zine and small publishing advocate Gluestick and scheduled to be published after the event (so there is still plenty of time to get your hands on it if you can’t make it in).  It will also feature an article on comic book pioneer Trina Robbins who published her memoir Last Girl Standing and helped pioneer underground comics, aided in designing Vampirella, and worked for DC Comics on Wonder Woman while being an activist for women in the comic book industry.  It is sure to be a collector’s edition (and maybe someone will trade you a New Mutants #98 or The Batman Adventures #12 for it…ok, maybe not).

If you are in the Indianapolis area, stop buy…pause Stranger Things—Season 2 and find your own “stranger things” at Comic Carnival…maybe even some Eggos.

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