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Bachelor gambler Russell Donovan (Bill Bixby) finds himself saddled with a problem…or three. When he agrees to pick up a… Read More »

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The town of Santo Poco is being menace by the dreaded bandit El Guapo (Alfonso Arau) and his men.  When… Read More »

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Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard) wants the town of Rose Creek, and he gets what he wants.  Threatening to evict the… Read More »

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Bounty hunter Regan (Anthony Steffen) tries to retrieve bounties on Jim Norton (Frank Wolff) and finds himself taking up the… Read More »

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Frank Miller (Ian MacDonald) is coming back to Hadleyville.  He and his gang are gunning for Marshal Will Kane (Gary… Read More »

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In the West, everyone has a tale.  Buster Scruggs (Tim Blake Nelson) travels the land singing and shooting those to… Read More »

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A band of outlaws hit a bank transport and kill the people onboard. When a vigilante posse forms, the bandits… Read More »

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Willet Gashade (Warren Oates) and Coley (Will Hutchins) have been hired by a mysterious woman (Millie Perkins) for an undefined… Read More »

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The Delos has built the ultimate amusement park.  For a thousand dollars a day, guests can live their fantasies of… Read More »

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Toby Howard (Chris Pine) has just lost his mother and a mortgage on the family ranch is threatening to take… Read More »