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  It is 1940, and British troops have been pushed to the limit in France.  The German forces have trapped… Read More »

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  Tom Beddoes (Brian Stirner) is headed to war.  He’s left his mother and father and his dog to enter… Read More »

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  A group of friends living in Clairton, Pennsylvania spend their days working in the steel mill and hunting in… Read More »

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  Pearl Harbor has just been attacked, and America is reeling.  With a rush to join the military, citizens of… Read More »

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  Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) doesn’t believe in raising a weapon toward another man after nearly killing his brother in… Read More »

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  Brigadier General Buck Turgidson (Sterling Hayden) is having a bad day…and unfortunately, he has access to nuclear weapons.  When… Read More »

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  A visit from an old friend awakens memories in Ari Folman that he tried to suppress.  As a teen,… Read More »

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  It is the 1950s, and the war and fall to the Germans has weighed heavy on Japan even after the fighting… Read More »

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  It is 1916, and World War I is raging. Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas) and his men have been given… Read More »

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  Joker (Matthew Modine) has entered a madhouse…the U.S. Marine training center of Parris Island.  With his tough-as-nails drill instructor… Read More »