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War has come to Missouri and the people are choosing sides.  The Bushwhackers believe in joining the South while the… Read More »

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The Civil War is ranging, and Colonel John Marlowe (John Wayne) has been given a covert assignment with his soldiers… Read More »

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Hitler and the Third Reich have gutted the European countryside and sent family scrambling for safety.  When Shosanna Dreyfus (Mélanie… Read More »

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A military operation in the Pacific is getting dangerous.  Private Witt (Jim Caviezel) has never been one for the war. … Read More »

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War is complex.  The rules and what you think you are doing when trying to win a war often aren’t… Read More »

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The war in Vietnam is collapsing and North Vietnamese are moving into the south with Saigon threatening to fall.  As… Read More »

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Lance Corporal Tom Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Lance Corporal Will Schofield (George MacKay) have been given a life or death… Read More »

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A small town in rural England is living in the shadow of the war.  When a postman (Moore Marriott) is… Read More »

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A paratrooper squad has a special mission on D-Day to destroy a German radio tower in a Nazi controlled village. … Read More »

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From watching his birth, Albert Narracott (Jeremy Irvine) feels a connection to the Thoroughbred known as Joey.  When his father… Read More »