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  There is something patrolling the streets of Gotham.  The police aren’t sure if they want him and the people… Read More »

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  Batman learns that his past might finally be bad to haunt him.  The Red Hood has returned to Gotham… Read More »

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  Raised by Tony Stark, James Rogers, Henry Pym Jr., Azari, and Torunn are the future of the Avengers.  The… Read More »

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  There is a new player in Gotham, and Batman is being blamed for the murders being committed.  The Phantasm… Read More »

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  The Justice League is in its formative years and still a rag-tag band of heroes trying to find their… Read More »

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  Hiro Hamada is a technology prodigy who could follow in the footsteps of his brother Tadashi at the elite… Read More »

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  Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) is the son of Zeus and the hero of Greece battling monsters around every corner…at least… Read More »

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  Ra’s al Ghul is dead…killed by his former ally Slade Wilson.  Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Talia takes her son… Read More »

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  As the sun sets on Barrow, Alaska, the people are prepared for the final rays of sunlight for thirty… Read More »

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  Bruce Wayne has returned to Gotham after years of training, and as Bruce Wayne returns a new legend is… Read More »