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Barry Allen has regrets in his life.  When he wakes up in a world one day that his mother is… Read More »

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The Batman has been gone for years and the criminals in Gotham City are starting to reappear.  As Gordon prepares… Read More »

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Batman has defeated the Mutants and taken control of Gotham City.  Through his actions, he’s attracted the attention of the… Read More »

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A mysterious new Batwoman has been sighted in Gotham City and is ruthlessly targeting criminals.  Batman sets out to uncover… Read More »

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Erik Lensherr (Bill Milner) was placed in a concentration camp as a child where his family was killed by Dr…. Read More »

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Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is dealing with retirement and trying to find the courage to ask out Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise… Read More »

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Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) decides he wants to be a superhero.  With a first outing ends in hospitalization, Dave wonders… Read More »

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The Losers are black-ops and the best around!  Lt. Col. Franklin Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Cpt Jake Jensen (Chris Evans),… Read More »

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Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) is a member of the hidden agency known as the Men in Black whose duty… Read More »

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Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) is dead and Logan (Hugh Jackman) is in mourning while living in the wilderness.  Logan is… Read More »