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Silver Hawk (Michelle Yeoh) is a hero with a quest for justice.  Donning a mask, Lulu Wong becomes a vigilante… Read More »

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An experimental chemical called CW-7 meant to stop global warming causes the world to go into a polar plunge.  Humanity’s… Read More »

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Ra’s al Ghul is dead…killed by his former ally Slade Wilson.  Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Talia takes her son Damian… Read More »

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As the sun sets on Barrow, Alaska, the people are prepared for the final rays of sunlight for thirty long… Read More »

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Bruce Wayne has returned to Gotham after years of training, and as Bruce Wayne returns a new legend is born! … Read More »

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The Amazons have separated themselves from the rest of the world on Themyscira after a bitter war with Ares.  Bearing… Read More »

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Lex Luthor has seemingly gone straight and managed to work himself into the presidency.  With heroes falling by his side,… Read More »

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Following arrest of Lex Luthor and the destruction of the Kryptonite meteor headed to Earth, a giant meteor crashes in… Read More »

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Annie (Aileen Quinn) is an orphan with big dreams.  Despite her hard-knock life at the orphanage with Ms. Hannigan (Carol… Read More »

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Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) is at the end of his rope.  He’s out of money and he’s lost his girlfriend… Read More »