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  Allan Gray (Nicolas de Gunzburg) arrives near the small town of Countempierre and immediately finds this are odd. When… Read More »

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  Joan of Arc (Renée Jeanne Falconetti) has been captured and facing trial.  Dressing like a man and claiming she… Read More »

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  Witches have been a cause of concern for humanity.  In the Middle Ages, the rise in witchcraft and those… Read More »

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  The Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) is always finding trouble.  When he befriends a blind girl (Virginia Cherrill) who sells flowers,… Read More »

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  Pop Dillon (Bert Woodruff) drives the last horse drawn streetcar in New York City…and the tracks are coveted by… Read More »

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  Times are tough for a factory worker (Charlie Chaplin) who finds himself overworked and underpaid.  When he loses his… Read More »

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  Gold has been discovered in Klondike and those seeking wealth and glory are traveling their to find both!  The… Read More »

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  Johnnie Gray (Buster Keaton) is the conductor of The General…an important locomotive for the South.  When war breaks out,… Read More »

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  Harold (Harold Lloyd) aka “The Boy” has moved from Great Bend to the big city in the hopes of… Read More »

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  A destitute, unwed mother (Edna Purviance) finds she cannot raise her baby.  Leaving him in the car of a… Read More »