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It is carnival season, and trolley operator Orpheus (Breno Mello) is preparing to marry Mira (Lourdes de Oliveira).  Eurydice (Marpessa… Read More »

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Sent to Miss Inch’s Summer Camp for Girls, Susan Ever (Hayley Mills) and Sharon McKendrick (Hayley Mills) discover that they… Read More »

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Einar Wegener (Eddie Redmayne) is an accomplished artists while his wife Gerda (Alicia Vikander) is trying to find her place… Read More »

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Steve Grayson (Elvis Presley) is one of the best NASCAR drivers on the circuit.  As the wins keep rolling in,… Read More »

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Tony Mareno (John Travolta) has left Brooklyn and is trying to survive in Manhattan as a professional dancer…but things aren’t… Read More »

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There’s trouble in River City.  Con-man and traveling salesman Harold Hill (Robert Preston) has come to town to sell his… Read More »

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Frankie (Frankie Avalon) has been stationed in the South Pacific and is worried Dee Dee (Annette Funicello) could cheat on… Read More »

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Dolly Levi (Barbra Streisand) is a widowed matchmaker living in Yonkers after living in New York City.  She has her… Read More »

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Camelot is a towering, beautiful place in a time of darkness. Ruled by King Arthur (Richard Harris), Arthur has decided… Read More »

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Scott Heyward (Elvis Presley) is the son of oil man Duster Heyward (James Gregory) but only wants to be accepted… Read More »