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  Elisa Esposito (Sally Hawkins) works as a cleaning woman in a government lab at the peak of the Cold… Read More »

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  Big-time director John Sullivan (Joel McCrea) wants to make the great American drama O, Brother Where Art Thou?, but… Read More »

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  Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) has always felt like an outcast among the other elves.  He can’t make toys… Read More »

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  Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) was born to a different life.  Born resembling an old man, Benjamin grew into an… Read More »

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  The Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) is always finding trouble.  When he befriends a blind girl (Virginia Cherrill) who sells flowers,… Read More »

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  Beth Slocum (Aubrey Plaza) is dead.  She was bitten by a snake while out running and her parents (John… Read More »

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  It is carnival season, and trolley operator Orpheus (Breno Mello) is preparing to marry Mira (Lourdes de Oliveira).  Eurydice… Read More »

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  Sent to Miss Inch’s Summer Camp for Girls, Susan Ever (Hayley Mills) and Sharon McKendrick (Hayley Mills) discover that… Read More »

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  Einar Wegener (Eddie Redmayne) is an accomplished artists while his wife Gerda (Alicia Vikander) is trying to find her… Read More »

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  Steve Grayson (Elvis Presley) is one of the best NASCAR drivers on the circuit.  As the wins keep rolling… Read More »