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  With the death of her father, Ruth Earlton (Vera Reynolds) returns home with her new fiancé Dr. Ted Clayton… Read More »

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  Something has happened and a sickness is spreading across the land.  Paul (Joel Edgerton), Sarah (Carmen Ejogo), and their… Read More »

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  Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) has a game to play with his wife Jessie (Carla Gugino) to spark their marriage which… Read More »

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  Sally Farnham (Kim Darby) and her husband Alex (Jim Hutton) have inherited a dark and gloomy house from Sally’s… Read More »

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  Eddie Coyle (Robert Mitchum) is a two bit hood known as Eddie Fingers who is facing jail for a… Read More »

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  Teenager Chris Gant (Nicholas Shields) disappears after leaving his job at a hardware store.  One of the last people… Read More »

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  Claire Benoit (Haley Lu Richardson) is forced to ask Casey Cooke (Anya Taylor-Joy) to her party.  When Claire’s father… Read More »

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  Myles Clarkson (Alan Alda) is a frustrated writer invited to interview famed composer and pianist Duncan Ely (Curd Jürgens). … Read More »

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  Barry Kane (Robert Cummings) finds himself framed for a fire at the plane factory where he works and now… Read More »

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  Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) is nervous.  He’s about to go with his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to meet her… Read More »