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  A woodcutter (Takashi Shimura), a priest (Minoru Chiaki), and a commoner (Kichijirô Ueda) try to sit out a storm… Read More »

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    Martin Vail (Richard Gere) believes everyone deserves a fair trial, and he doesn’t care if a person is… Read More »

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  Detective Lt. William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) is a retiring detective and assigned to mentor his replacement Detective David Mills… Read More »

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  Edgar Allen Poe (John Cusack) is a master of the macabre but also unable to find work and money…. Read More »

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  Long-time friends Tom (Jason Vail) and Dan (Nicholas Wilder) find they are growing apart.  When Dan finds a snuff… Read More »

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  Irena Dubrovna (Simone Simon) has a love for the panthers in the zoo. When she meets a man named… Read More »

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  Oliver Reed (Kent Smith) and his wife Alice (Jane Randolph) are happy in their lives and trying to raise… Read More »

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  A young nurse named Charlotte Beale (Rosie Holotik) transfers to an isolated asylum where Dr. Stephens (Michael Harvey) tries… Read More »

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  Paul Sheldon (James Caan) is the writer of a popular romance series starring his heroine Misery.  When he writes… Read More »

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  An experiment is underway. A group of college kids are headed off to a remote cabin in the woods…. Read More »