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When police detective Marv Bozwick (Daniel Petronijevic) is killed by a subway train in strange circumstances, Detective Zeke Banks (Chris… Read More »

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Janet Stewart (Anabel Shaw) is about to reunited with her husband Lt. Paul Stewart (Frank Latimore) after believing him killed… Read More »

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Ben Harper (Peter Graves) while on the run from the law stashes his haul where he can hide it…only telling… Read More »

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Jef Costello (Alain Delon) is a calm, cool, and collected hitman living in France.  When he has a botched murder… Read More »

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The public assassination of a prominent political figure in Seattle sparks an investigation which yields few answers. When reporter Joseph… Read More »

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Tom Reagan (Gabriel Byrne) has a comfy position as the assistant to mobster Leo O’Bannon (Albert Finney) who runs the… Read More »

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Janet (Jennie Linden) is a troubled young woman.  As a child she saw her mother murder her father and now… Read More »

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Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams) is trying to get home to Miami and her job in a high end Miami hotel… Read More »

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Eleanor Ashby (Janette Scott) and her brother Simon (Oliver Reed) are the last in their line.  Living with their Aunt… Read More »

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The disappearance of boats in the Caribbean leads investigative reporter Blair Maynard (Michael Caine) to investigate the unexplained missing people. … Read More »