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  Sonny Malone (Michael Beck) is an artist that dreams of more than a hum-drum job at making record covers. … Read More »

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  Oklahoma is on the verge of becoming a state, and its settlers are divided between cowboys and farmers.  A… Read More »

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  Jane Banks (Karen Dotrice) and Michael Banks (Matthew Garber) find their father (David Tomlinson) is too busy working at… Read More »

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  The “deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball”.  Tommy Walker (Roger Daltrey) loses his sight, hearing,… Read More »

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  The Kid (Prince) is struggling.  At home, the abusive relationship between his father (Clarence William III) and mother (Olga… Read More »

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  The Bohemian spirit is raging in Paris, and the heart of the explosion is Montemartre and the Moulin Rouge… Read More »

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  A busker (Glen Hansard) in Dublin finds his musical muse when he meets a Czech piano player (Markéta Irglová)… Read More »

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  Mary “The Rose” Foster (Bette Midler) is a star.  Her music and style have attracted legions of fans and… Read More »

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  Joe Gideon (Roy Scheider) is driven.  He’s on the verge of releasing his movie The Stand-Up while trying to… Read More »

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  Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a musician with dreams of reigniting the love of classic jazz, and Mia (Emma Stone)… Read More »