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  In a hidden castle in the French countryside a Beast (Dan Stevens) resides with his servants all under a… Read More »

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  Shorty (Moe Howard) has big plans for the ranch of his cousin Rusty Williams (Jay Kirby).  When Shorty meets… Read More »

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  Danny Collins (Rudy Vallée) hopes to create a big musical career with his new partner Richard Lane).  As their… Read More »

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  Jesus (John Legend) has become a marked man.  As he tries to spread the word of the Lord, his… Read More »

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  Miguel Rivera dreams of being a great musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz.  Unfortunately, Miguel’s family has… Read More »

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  Ralph Parker (Matthew Broderick) remembers his childhood and Christmas.  It’s the 1940s, and Ralphie (Andy Walken) is dreaming of… Read More »

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  Jumbo Jr. is a laughingstock. His big ears have gotten him the nickname of Dumbo. When his mother is… Read More »

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  Music has almost always been an aspect of cinema…even silent movies had accompanying music to go with the images.  Now step into Musical May on BasementRejects which looks at the good, the bad, and the meh of movies of… Read More »

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  The High School of the Performing Arts is hard to get into.  With applicants having to demonstrate skill in… Read More »

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  Steve Grayson (Elvis Presley) is one of the best NASCAR drivers on the circuit.  As the wins keep rolling… Read More »