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Something’s up with Jack!  Jack Skellington just isn’t his old self. The yearly Halloween celebration just has lost its fun,… Read More »

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Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) is a struggling folk singer in 1961 in Greenwich Village.  He’s just gone solo after the… Read More »

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Gordon Meredith Lightfoot Jr. was born in 1938 in Canada and found music was always part of his life.  With… Read More »

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An orphaned kitten in New York City meets up with a stray named Dodger and his crew.  Working for a… Read More »

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Greatness and talent don’t always choose their wielder.  Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham) dreamed of being God’s voice on Earth… Read More »

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How do you solve a problem like Maria? Maria (Julie Andrews) is a young postulant, and a frustration to the… Read More »

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Oklahoma is on the verge of becoming a state, and its settlers are divided between cowboys and farmers.  A farmer’s… Read More »

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Benjamin Barker (Johnny Depp) is out for revenge. His life was stolen from him by an evil judge named Turpin… Read More »

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Johnny (Bobby Driscoll) finds himself and his mother (Mary Field) living at his grandmother’s plantation as his father (Olivier Urbain)… Read More »

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In the early 1960s, the Beatles invasion was in full force.  With others looking on enviously and questioning why they… Read More »