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  Reprints Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill #1-5 (February 2010-June 2010). With the fall of Gilead, one of… Read More »

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  Reprints The Stand:  American Nightmares #1-5 (May 2009-October 2009).  99% of the population has been killed by the superflu… Read More »

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  Reprints The Stand:  Captain Trips #1-5 (November 2008-March 2009).  An accident at a military base unleashes a super virus. … Read More »

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  Reprints Dark Tower:  The Gunslinger—The Battle of Tull #1-5 (August 2011-December 2011).  Roland Deschain continues to search for the… Read More »

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  It appears the quest for the Dark Tower has ended.  The grand plans to bring Stephen King’s Dark Tower series to life have crumbled.  Originally, the Dark Tower series was planned as three movies with a television series between… Read More »

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  The FX adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers now has it leads.  Lucy Punch (Hot Fuzz, Bad Teacher) is cast as Deena Pilgrim and Jason Patric (Lost Boys, Speed 2) is Christian Walker.  Pilgrim and Walker are police officers… Read More »