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Bruce Wayne has joined Shiva, Jade, Ben Turner, Rip Jagger, and Richard Dragon in Nanda Parbat to train with O-Sensei. … Read More »

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Something is killing people in the woods surrounding the French province of Gévaudan.  With multiple attempts being made to kill… Read More »

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James Bond (Roger Moore) receives a warning that he’s become a target of legendary and unseen assassin Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher… Read More »

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A year has passed since Zatoichi (Shintarō Katsu) fought and defeated the ailing Miki Hirate in battle, and tales of… Read More »

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Sukegoro (Eijiro Yanagi) and Shigezo (Ryuzo Shimada) are at war.  Shigezo has hired a ronin named Miki Hirate (Shigeru Amachi)… Read More »

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John Kirby (Brian Libby) has mental problems and is highly medicated.  When the pressure becomes too great, Kirby snaps killing… Read More »

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Aya (Miyuki Kuwano) who is the daughter of a magistrate named Uzaemon Matsushita (Tatsuya Ishiguro) has been kidnapped by peasants… Read More »

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When Sing (Stephen Chow) and Bone (Lam Chi-chung) pose as members of the Axe Gang, they accidentally bring hell upon… Read More »

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The small Thailand village of Ban Nong Pradu is suffering from drought.  The people of the village hope their god… Read More »

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Team Evil is ruled by Hung (Patrick Tse) who uses his money and influence to control the world of professional… Read More »