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  Greg Heffley is still trying to survive middle school.  When his friend Rowley gets a girlfriend named Abigail Brown,… Read More »

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    Carietta White was hated by her classmates.  Trapped in a home with a ultra-religious mother, Carrie found herself… Read More »

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  Earth is reaching for the stars and visiting one if their closest neighbors.  Journeying to Mars, the Earthlings are… Read More »

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  There is something lurking in the waters off of Bermuda.  Overfished, the creature is looking for food and finding… Read More »

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  Jim Ironheart is blessed or cursed…he can foresee danger for people and has the potential to prevent it.  He… Read More »

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  Bink is an outsider…he shows no magical talent in Xanth, a world of magic. When he is forced into… Read More »

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  A boy named Frederik finds it to be Christmas Eve and struggling with his mother to survive in the… Read More »

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  Greg Heffley continues to struggle with home and school, but now there is a question of girls. When a… Read More »

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  The Lutzes have gotten a steal on 112 Ocean Avenue in the New York city of Amityville. The large… Read More »

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  A girl goes for a midnight swim and is killed by a great white shark off the coast of… Read More »