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  Kubo has abilities.  Like his mother he can control elements and form things from his thoughts.  He has dreams… Read More »

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  Princess Elsa of Arendelle was born with a gift…she has power over the cold though it is out of… Read More »

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  Ebenezer Scrooge (Albert Finney) lives as a miser in London and hating everyone. Now it is Scrooge’s least favorite… Read More »

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  Mowgli (Neel Sethi) has always been a wolf, but he’s been different than the other wolves because he’s really… Read More »

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  Mowgli (voiced by Bruce Reitherman) has grown up in the jungles of India after the death of his parents… Read More »

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  Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) and his mother Gale (Amy Ryan) have just moved to Madison, Delaware from New York… Read More »

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  A little girl has a mother with big dreams for her.  Moving into a neighborhood to get her daughter… Read More »

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  Lucy (Georgie Henley), Edmund (Skandar Keynes), Susan (Anna Popplewell), and Peter (William Moseley) have been shuttled out of London… Read More »

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  Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) has always been treated poorly. His parents were killed when he was an infant and… Read More »

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  Marty is turning ten years old and wishing to see the world.  Stuck in the Central Park Zoo, Marty… Read More »