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  April Burns (Katie Holmes) and her new boyfriend Bobby (Derek Luke) have invited April’s estranged family to their new… Read More »

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  A zombie plague has swept the planet.  Wade Vogel (Arnold Schwarzenegger) learns his oldest child Maggie (Abigail Breslin) has… Read More »

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  Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) has a game to play with his wife Jessie (Carla Gugino) to spark their marriage which… Read More »

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  Christine Chubbuck (Rebecca Hall) is an introvert in an extrovert world.  As a reporter at WXLT in Sarasota, Florida,… Read More »

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  At an esteemed public school, tradition and proper etiquette are pushed.  This does not sit well with Mick Travis… Read More »

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  Eddie Coyle (Robert Mitchum) is a two bit hood known as Eddie Fingers who is facing jail for a… Read More »

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  On an island for a family retreat, Karin (Harriet Andersson), her brother Minus (Lars Passgård), and her husband Martin… Read More »

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  Fleeing a war, a group of English schoolboys find themselves stranded on a tropical island without adult supervision.  As… Read More »

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  Howard Beale (Peter Finch) is the main anchor of the failing Union Broadcasting System’s evening news.  With slipping ratings… Read More »

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  Valerie Solanas (Lili Taylor) has shot Andy Warhol (Jared Harris).  She has her reasons and declares that her SCUM… Read More »