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  The United States is waging a secret war within a war.  Forces attempting to stop terrorists attacks are targeting… Read More »

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  On February 24, 2010, a Sea World trainer named Dawn Brancheau was killed by a male killer whale named… Read More »

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  Timothy Treadwell lived on the edge.  Spending thirteen summers in Alaska among bears, he saw himself as their protector… Read More »

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  Fame is a fine line.  While some singers become massive stars others find themselves sidelined to the world of… Read More »

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  Abbott and Costello are best friends but love to antagonize themselves.  As they traverse the world (and the Milky… Read More »

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  The children around Staten Island have told stories of Cropsey and the story has fueled fears for years.  When… Read More »

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  On July 3, 1996, in Grand Bend, Ontario, the body of Herb Baumeister was found in Pinery Provincial Park. … Read More »

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  The Shining was released on May 23, 1980 by Stanley Kubrick.  The movie was an adaptation of Stephen King’s 1977… Read More »

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  Dr. Francis B. Gröss (Michael Carr) guides the audience through questions of life and death by showing recordings of… Read More »

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  On July 22, 1991, Milwaukee police arrested a man named Jeffrey Dahmer in a low-rent apartment building.  What they… Read More »