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Reprints Black Lightning: Year One #1-6 (March 2009-May 2009). Jefferson Pierce has returned to his home in Suicide Slum…the roughest… Read More »

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Reprints stories from DC Comics Tarzan #207-209 (April 1972-June 1972) and Weird Worlds #1-7 (September 1972-October 1973). Confederate soldier John… Read More »

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The final week of the New 52 hit the stands this Wednesday with a ton of interesting new titles…unfortunately, not… Read More »

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The New 52 continues to roll out at your local comic bookstore.  The crowds are getting bigger and the titles… Read More »

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After a good first week, the “New 52” strikes back hard with 13 new #1 books.  The series range from… Read More »

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The New 52 actually kicked off last week with the release of the new Justice League #1, but the New… Read More »

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Brian Azzarello’s award winning DC Vertigo title 100 Bullets is coming to Showtime.  The DC series ran one hundred issues from August 1999 to April 2009 and involved a shadowy organization providing people with an untraceable gun and bullets to… Read More »

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DC is suffering a Crisis…again.  On the completion of the limited series “Flashpoint”, DC is relaunching titles with first issue comics including Action Comics which just celebrated its 900th issue and Detective Comics also nearing #900.  This would be significant… Read More »