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  The New 52 actually kicked off last week with the release of the new Justice League #1, but the… Read More »

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  Reprints Flashpoint #1-5 (July 2011-October 2011).  Barry Allen wakes up powerless in a world he doesn’t recognize and realizes… Read More »

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  Brian Azzarello’s award winning DC Vertigo title 100 Bullets is coming to Showtime.  The DC series ran one hundred issues from August 1999 to April 2009 and involved a shadowy organization providing people with an untraceable gun and bullets… Read More »

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  DC is suffering a Crisis…again.  On the completion of the limited series “Flashpoint”, DC is relaunching titles with first issue comics including Action Comics which just celebrated its 900th issue and Detective Comics also nearing #900.  This would be… Read More »