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  When Shere Khan kills his father, a baby becomes lost in the jungle where he is raised by wolves. … Read More »

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  Allan Gray (Nicolas de Gunzburg) arrives near the small town of Countempierre and immediately finds this are odd. When… Read More »

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  December is over and so is Criterion December on BasementRejects.  With 32 of the high quality series reviewed ranging from the ’20s to the ’00s, the often challenging films serve to provide a break from usual holiday and Christmas… Read More »

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  A young manicurist living in London is spinning out of control.  Belgian Carol Ledoux (Catherine Deneuve) lives with her… Read More »

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  Otto Maddox (Emilio Estevez) is a punk who just can’t hold a job.  A high school dropout who lives… Read More »

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  Big-time director John Sullivan (Joel McCrea) wants to make the great American drama O, Brother Where Art Thou?, but… Read More »

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  Arthur Hamilton (John Randolph) has been approached with a strange offer…a new start.  The middle-aged married man learns that… Read More »

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  The Blands (Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov) are living in the sin filled world of Hollywood and struggling to… Read More »

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  Hidir (Yılmaz Güney) lives at the border of Syria and Turkey and makes a living by illegally transporting goods… Read More »

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  Akira Kurosawa has dreams.  His dreams include a child who spies on a fox wedding, a boy visited by… Read More »