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  A sinking ship and a disagreement with the rescuing captain leaves Edward Parker (Richard Arlen) stranded on the island… Read More »

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  Rick Fitzgerald (Ray Milland) and his sister Pamela (Ruth Hussey) have found a house that reminds them of their… Read More »

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  A serial killer named Buffalo Bill is killing women in the eastern United States, and Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn)… Read More »

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  Jack O’Brien (Hunter McCracken/Sean Penn) tries to come to grips with his past.  His mother (Jessica Chastain) was loving… Read More »

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  In Salò, four of the top leaders in Italy have gathered.   The Duke (Paolo Bonacelli), the Bishop (Giorgio Cataldi),… Read More »

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  The Lisbon girls are a mystery to the boys living on the same street in 1970s Grosse Point.  With… Read More »

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  Summer creeps in and along with 31 reviews of some of the best (or at least most interesting) films around.  The Criterion Collection continues to explore the lesser known areas of the cinematic universe or helps save and restore… Read More »

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  Agnes (Harriet Andersson) is dying.  Struck with cancer, the end is inevitable.  Tended by her maid Anna (Kari Sylwan)… Read More »

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  When a United States plane carrying an H-Bomb is brought down by bees, an insect collector named Joji Akiyama… Read More »

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  “He wrote me…” A woman tells of her correspondence with a traveler named Sandor Krasny as he examines the… Read More »