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  Kay and Sidney Munsinger (Elaine May and Woody Alan) find their happy lives interrupted by the arrival of Lennie… Read More »

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  The trouble in Gotham City continues to vex Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward).  With villains like Egghead… Read More »

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  Return to 30 Rockefeller Plaza where the crew of TGS is working hard on another season.  Whether Tracy Jordan… Read More »

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  The Simpsons are back and causing more problems for the people of Springfield.  Whether the town is trying to… Read More »

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  Summer is here and summer comedies rule.  BasementRejects reviews almost 50 comedies and TV comedies.  Ranging from silent classic to modern day comedy including action and horror.  The Summer of Laughs might have ended for 2016 but keep tuned… Read More »

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  We aim to try!  The deputies of Reno patrol the “Biggest Little City” and all the crime that comes… Read More »

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  Finn the Human and Jake the Dog are the best of friends, but they are also HEROES!!!!!!!!!!  Adventuring through… Read More »

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  The addictions and lies begin to catch up with Jackie (Edie Falco).  With Eddie (Paul Schulze) putting more and… Read More »

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  Bob Belcher has a burger shop…but just can’t seem to hook the customers.  Despite offering up new burgers daily,… Read More »

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  Rick is a mad scientist…who’s forced to live with his daughter Beth, her husband Jerry, and their two children… Read More »