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  The town of Tromaville, New Jersey is under siege.  Criminals seem to run the city, and Mayor Belgoody (Pat… Read More »

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  A horrible boating accident leaves Angela (Felissa Rose) an orphan at a young age. Raised by her eccentric Aunt… Read More »

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  The children of Mars begin to grow depressed watching Earth television and the leaders of Mars decide to travel… Read More »

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  An accident in Africa leads to an ancient curse on Sir Edward Markham (Alister Williamson).  With his brother Julian… Read More »

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  A man named Frank (Ed Begley Jr.) finds himself transported to the past when he restores a car from… Read More »

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  When the blood of a young woman named Sherry Ouelette (Vanessa Pike) seems to awaken a darkness in a… Read More »

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  Tony Phillips (Simon Nash) is a boy who misses his father.  When Sam (Philip Sayer) disappeared in a strange… Read More »

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  Cyrus Zorba (Donald Woods) has just struck it big.  He and his wife Hilda (Rosemary DeCamp), his daughter Medea… Read More »

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  Eugene and Jody Scott (Frederic Forrest and Kathleen Lloyd) are expecting their first child when they receive a warning… Read More »

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  The births of mutated babies continue, and Stephen Jarvis (Michael Moriarty) has decided to fight the policy to kill… Read More »