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  It’s the birthday of Elizabeth Remington (Danielle Daven) and Victoria Remington (Ann Marie Fox), and their family is there… Read More »

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  Maggie McKeown (Heather Menzies) has been hired to find two missing hikers in the Lost River Lake and Paul… Read More »

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  Harvey Bilchik (Stanley Brock) wins a small UHF station on the outside of town.  Convinced by his wife, Harvey… Read More »

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  Max Rackatansky (Mel Gibson) works as an officer for the Main Force Patrol (MFP) in a dystopian future where… Read More »

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  Martha Beck (Shirley Stoler) lives a lonely life. When her friend Bunny (Doris Roberts) puts Martha’s name in to… Read More »

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  A witch named Betty (Deborah Harry) holds a young boy named Timmy (Matthew Lawrence) prisoner in her home and prepares… Read More »

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  Zambrini (Marc Lawrence) has a secret…his pigs have learned a taste for human flesh.  Now, Zambrini must keep finding… Read More »

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  A Northern Civil War general tracks down a rebel militia and enacts his punishment on them for killing his… Read More »

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  The suicide of a priest (Fabrizio Jovine) in the town of Dunwich opens the doorway to horror.  When a… Read More »

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  Jenni (Peggy Webber) and Eric Whitlock (John Hudson) return home after marriage, and Jenni quickly finds things are not… Read More »