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  Debbie (Elizabeth Hoy), Steven (Andy Freeman), and Curtis (Billy Jayne) were all born on the same day during a… Read More »

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  Evans City, Pennsylvania has woken up to a crisis.  A military plane’s crash in the mountains and the “Trixie”… Read More »

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  The suicide of a priest (Fabrizio Jovine) in the town of Dunwich opens the doorway to horror.  When a… Read More »

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  When a group of campers and counselors refuse to believe the ghost story of Madman Marz (Paul Ehlers), the… Read More »

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  For Marie Pettis (Marilyn Hamlin), a weekend retreat seems like a good idea.  Headed to upstate New York with… Read More »

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  A resort called Lakewood Manor is going through renovations as its owner Ethel Adams (Myrna Loy) and her daughter… Read More »

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  Something prehistoric has been released from the depths in the Hawaiian archipelago.  The shark-like monster has found a new… Read More »

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  The discovery of King Kong on Mondo Island rocks the world.  Dr. Who (Eisei Amamoto) has created a Mechani-Kong… Read More »

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  Captain Ashland (George Kennedy) is reluctantly preparing to turn over is ship to Trevor Marshall (Richard Crenna).  When the… Read More »

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  Dr. Magrew (George Peck) has discovered Toulon’s puppets and is trying to recreate the experiment that gave them life. … Read More »